Does my modlist order look ok for my Dedicated server? Thanks :)

This is my modlist and Im wondering if the order is good or if I should change something in it?
Im thinking maybe Northern Timber should come at nr2?

  1. Pippi
  2. Shadows of Skelos - Extended
  3. ExilesExtreme
  4. ExilesExtreme_FeatBlocker
  5. Immersive Armor
  6. Fashionist
  7. Northern Timber
  8. Less Building Placement Restrictions
  9. Unlock Plus (with Pickup)

And is it possible to add all 9 mods at same time from a 0 modded server?
Thanks alot!

The Modlist looks fine in my opinion if you’re going for more of a decorative / RP style. The only thing i’d bring caution to is the fact you have the Northern Timber mod which can be very buggy with certain players almost making it useless.

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