Does pvp require real skill anymore?


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I’ve been seeing this meta alot: Accuracy to 4, 4 light shots with a dragonbone bow will kill anyone. Folks auto target, circle around you and pow you are dead. Let alone that the accuracy 4 perk makes just about any weapon do more damage (because of armor penetration) than a strength stat. So, pvp has evolved into folks just shooting arrows at each other.

In group pvp, the advantage appears to now go to not the aggressor or those whom can 1v1 or 1v3 peeps but those whom run away and/or stick near their thralls. As, the thralls will one shot you.

For horse pvp, every heavy shot appears to count as the 4th hit of that weapon, so axes and spears cause bleed with each hit. And, it appears you get this advantage, let alone the strength increase, during non raid hours against other people whom can’t use their thralls if they are not horses.

So, basically, shoot arrows and stay near your thralls for pvp. Use horses during non raid hours (albeit knocking folks down with horses during group pvp seems to allow other teammates thralls to finish them off faster).

Where is the skill in that?

This is why I play on servers with autoaim/ aimlock disabled. Then it still requires skill to be range focused in PvP. As for the thrall issue, I posted a potential solution to this in the “Thralls OP in PvP” thread. All we would need is a debuff for thralls that are on follow, one where they take increased damage from players when on follow, something like 50 - 100% damage multiplier when recieving damage from a player would do the trick I reckon.

Go to BattleBorn if you want decent PvP.

They have rules that prevent this nonsense.

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Never tried it. You mind giving a quick break down of raid time settings and such? if it’s too much to ask then no worries, I’ll check after work.

Invite Link:

General Info:

Server location is EU/DE.

  • All reports of rule breaks must be submitted WITH evidence
  • Staff DO NOT deal with trivial issues, only rule breaks be respectful to staff. – This means when you REALLY need us we are available.
  • Server restarts may be random

Golden rule:

Do not do anything which deviates from the intention behind all rules.
The rules are in place to stop scenarios from happening. Figuring out a way to achieve scenario and by-pass the rule is not allowed.

Basic Rules:

  • It is not allowed to put throwing axes, throwing knifes, javelins or any other throwable weapons on thralls. It is not allowed to equip blunted arrows on your thralls.
  • No tactical alliances during raid (clans can still have friendly tone/trading outside raid hours)
  • No Bomb PvP (collateral damage will happen at raids)
  • 1 Main Base (outposts allowed), 4 Vaults, No Foundation Spam, No stacking
  • No vaults, gate or drawbridges in narrow single point of entrance
  • No Bubbles
  • Don’t block important Spawns
  • Don’t kill players in loading screen. Player must move before you can attack
  • Being raided? Repair/Remove allowed (not rebuild) and can replace/remove beds & elevators
  • Banned weapons: Sets Tongue, Mitras Justice
  • 1 PvP archer per clan (All can shoot climbers/use explosive/gas/acid/smoke arrows @ raids)
  • Raid protection is for 1 day if you are raided (significant building damage) or 3 days if you are wiped. Raiders check <#672158178838052865>
  • All reports must be submitted using <#665143631707111424> and be supported with evidence.


  • Max Clan 7
  • 5xH/5xP
  • 48H RP to all on wipe day
  • 20 Minions
  • Hunger/Thirst 0.5 (slower)
  • Building Damage 1.0
  • Player dmg 1.0
  • Crafting 0.2
  • Raid times: Sunday - Thursday 20:00- 22:00 CET Friday & Sat 20:00- 23:00 (Work people friendly)
  • Raid off every Wednesday
  • 60 Slots

Community Guidelines:

The toxic elitist attitudes are not welcome here.

  • Be nice, bringing other players down won’t be tolerated
  • No harassment, humiliation or provocation
  • Be a decent person, have a laugh WITH others, not AT others
  • No racism

If you have invisible weapon, please go home and remove your bracelet. If you are fighting a player that has invisible weapon, please notify him/her in chat and give that player a chance to go home and deal with it.


Really appreciate it thanks man. I may just check that server out, looks interesting.


Guessing this is pc?

@Wind Yes, their servers are PC:

How in the flipin world, can you stack pillars like that :smiley:

Invisible weapons? Never had that in my playtime… But then again, I play on PS4.


Sometimes desync happens when your connection is a potato, like mine. Other players will repeatedly appear with no weapons, on PC or PS4, and it’s my fault not theirs. I’m the one who needs to remove bracelet or relog in this case; telling my partner with the invisible wep to relog or kill himself, while satisfying, does not work.

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Those are just examples of things that a standard Conan player will never notice throughout his gameplay. The same thing with ceiling intersections, which prevented explosive jar placement (I heard Funcom already fixed that) or arena ceilings were banned in the rules for a long time as well (don’t know why).

Could be something to do with arena placements being odd, usually have weird gaps in between them but that’s just a guess. Never heard of anything bad really having to do with arena rules besides what I said just being a mild nuisance to anyone who is OCD about placements.

the pvp player has done nothing but adapt to the still evolving situations. the good player prevails over the weaker player regardless of the use or not of various combinations of perk or armor

Arena pieces have a unique property. They do not dismantle immediately, and can support weight even though technically destroyed. Try dismantling a wall and you’ll see it still stand. Now try punching the dismantled wall that is still visually there, before it is “swept away visually” by the server. Now do it holding a pitcher of red sugar water and yelling “OH YEAHHH!”


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