Does reporting exploits actually work?

I’ve reported a player once before that undermeshes and now he’s back, undermeshed near the same spot he was before. Is anything being done with these guys? This player was the reason I went on a conan hiatus. I can’t compete with an undermesher. He brags on other forums that nothing will ever be done to him and I’m starting to believe that might be true. If there isn’t a fix can’t we just start posting on YouTube where these spots are at so everyone knows what to look out for? Plus reporting to exploit hunters isn’t enough. I’ve got pictures and location marked on the map for evidence. How can I submit that when the exploit hunters site only takes text? I’m not trying to be a pain or bring stuff up I shouldn’t be bringing up but I feel I’m entitled to considering I bought this game day one as well as all the dlc content. I have a reason to be irritated. Players like this guy render this game useless and unplayable.

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I reported undermesh week ago, still nothing.
I also reported another clan half year ago, and they still play inside of textures.

Saaaaame. I reported this guy six months ago I wanna say? He popped back on the server a few weeks ago and he’s right back where he was meshed at before. Smh this is crazy. Horrible thing is I don’t know how to blow him out of there.

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Exploit Hunters is for reporting exploits, not for reporting individual behavior.

To report specific people and their use of exploits, refer to the new rules.

Yes. I reported him once before to I believe ignasis.

I writed to Exploit Hunters 6 times, nobody help after half year.
With screenshots, location ect.

At this time i’m pretty sure the the official server rules and “reporting system” as it is. Is just a way to make the player base feel like they can do something. in reality nothing will ever happen to the bases or anything that gets reported.

I reported brimstone lake being covered in foundation and vaults 2months ago on my server nothing done. I reported an undermesh base just over a month ago nothing done.

So now I have to exploit myself and walk under water to get brimstone :smiley:

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How do you explain the players who complain on the forums that they’ve been “unjustly” banned after this reporting system was brought online?

Well, I guess that’s one way to be proven wrong.

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Where are these posts about people being banned? I’ve never seen them except for pc bans. Not saying what you’re saying isn’t true but I’d be curious if it were anyone that I might know from PlayStation. All I know is I’ve reported the guy with concrete evidence, who, what, when, where, with pictures to boot. I mean, I did the hard part. :joy: all they need to do is log in, see for themselves, and start giving people the boot.

it is one of those things that even if they are acting on it, it is not enough for justice to be done, but it needs to be seen to be done.

A rule people think isn’t enforced isn’t a rule at all it is just a sentiment.

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Belive they exists. But Account Issues and actions never be a Topic for public discussions

That is the reasons why I closed this Thread too.