Does Singleplayer get worse for anyone else?

Hello there,
I’ve been having trouble with the Singleplayer on the Xbox One. My body disappears after death, only a rapidly despawning bag will appear, when I ride on my horse and sometimes for just no reason, the map looks like it’s in potato mode, my hyena gets the wrong bonus from eating human flesh and half of the settings must be renewed EVERY TIME I log in. Also after the last patch all my settings were set back to standard, which I wouldn’t mind if it was still possible to set the landclaim-radius on xbox after having a safe game.

Anyone else having these issues?

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I remember having a lot issues when i started play the game too. Especially the crushes were so many, omg. My ps4 sound was like the helicopter, it was ready to fly every time i pkay conan :joy:. Believe it or not this problems went to minimum when i started play online. I don’t know why and i cannot explain it. I am just telling you what i ’ ve experienced. Since then i am always online. Now you will tell me about all this effort you have done buiding and capturing and farming and… Nothing matters if you cannot share and you can always have them back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Maybe. Online is not an option. Only one week before decay and every server having that one troll trying to ruin it for everyone makes it very unattractive to me. At least on official servers…

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ps4, i was havin alot of probs offline a few updates ago went private online, now im off and its good. can xbox clear cache and whatnot?

So the reason is simple when online both the console and the sever shared the load of the game making very few issues with lag such as ai not attack or invisible or many others possibly but when offline the console must load everything in game with out the sever which increases the game threshold about 150 to 225% power on the online server meaning less problems and easier load and frame rate but now the console must make up that power but since it is only you with out coop the game loads around you meaning that if you had 40 people on coop in different areas the game would be incapable of handling it results in crash and possibly of corruption of files and game but that is why coop has a player limit hope that helps all of you understand the problem but also keep in mind that building to much with lots of peaceables and thralls will ether delete your base and thralls and items but also result in the current saved game no longer load if it does at all so no massive things so try to spread out smaller bases and turn off all decay to make it much easier to play and good luck all


That’s all good info but it is also quite concerning. Even though I am a huge Conan Exiles fan, would I now pay for a DLC that is likely to have the same issues? Probably not…

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Good Idea. I’ll check…

Thank you. Really appreciate it :+1:

So a quick clarification by massive I mean like things such as placeables if you have a table in a area and place 200 cups in one spot it will have issues but I’ve done castles with whatcha post guards and neat and big building but if you make a it 200 foundations long and wide with 300 tall and solid foundations then it will be gone however you must learn even high end pc can have same effects cause ce does not make limits except for the new thralls limits which also means people can’t take over everything on map and easily defend it but now people will have to control their builds so they can defend it resulting in smaller builds equaling better prepormeance I hate autocorrect and fighting with the button making the game counsume less data making the game run more smoothly even games for all devices have limits but you have to find them and learn your device capacity but most game set limits to stuff but funcom did not resulting in problems with systems load but I have all dlcs and use them and love it and would recommend you getting them as they are nice and add much more unique things to you game to allow a better looking experience

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How possible do you guys think it could be for FunCom to make a patch making singleplayer more smooth, especially building wise?

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Well it is not a funcom issue it’s more of not what you build but more the way you build for example the massive foundations build I described above would load faster than the cups why simple size a cup is small but foundations are large when you walk the game would load foundations easy because as you walk closer given 3 meters which gives it a second to load but you have to walk 3 more meters to load the next one meaning it would load easy because the process would load as it you walk due to size makings it easier on the system but cups really small would allow to to place 50 or more to make a fountain size so you walk the 3 meters instead of loading 1 item it must now load 50+items per every 3 meters now make that times 100 foundations worth of cups and run on a horse and it will crash and may not load back up due to thousands of items around you. So it is our responsibility to understand are systems limits and to think both ahead and accordingly to both what terrain camps npcs around us that could make it worse people want to build structures from things they have seen or would like but in real life I could stand with out a pc because it’s real but this game is not thus we must understand that it has its limits but funcom can only make the loading system so good believe it or not if a system loads stuff to fast the cpu make not catch up its brain and it would crash and the games limits to increase load can only be so good before you can’t do anything else but if you cover ever inch of land water and sky with foundations the system could not load it because everything has its limits so there is only so much they can do which is why are part is crucial to understand those limits and control what we do to improve the games capabilities

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What about PC? Does PC have the same problems?

Thanks for the explanation. So you would have to make a really big base with tons of things in every room for it to crash. I assume that items in your base are loading even if you can’t see them, like if you’re walking besides the base outside. It would be cool if at one point when you’re building too much or placing too many placables that the game could warn you.

Right now the decorating is kind of messed up so you would need plenty of surface to put tons of cups everywhere. Otherwise my singleplayer game is running good, only my base makes the PS4 fan go crazy and my base is maybe…40X30 and 6 high. It’s tiny and not finished XD (but is just the basement so far)

On pc I can’t say because of so many types makes components and the such and I mostly stick with same components like intel and windows so I can’t help on that as pc can be more powerful or weaker than console but all console are same Xbox one all same stuff. Xbox one x same stuff so it way to help there but not pc it’s a test and see but try to make a build bye spawn in stuff and place it in an actual build walls thralls peaceable and make it a non us build something you wouldn’t use to store things epic armor legendary

Yes but it would be nice but the game would take so many things in to factor such as noise generation by thralls wheel of pain torches and things like amounts of light what’s in chests size and animations going bye those things and in order to do that firstly there would be a number indicator that changes colors when load green you good yellow be careful red it may crash but then people would be like what generation of load on thralls lights etc and people would ask for a number displayed on each take amounts of items the numbers may not be able to display on screen due to size and torches there are different types weapons types and that would be a hell hole to figure all those numbers and for most to complicated to handle so it is a try

And see

I never build huge bases… I like to keep things simple. I usually build small villages. I play on XBox, it used to run a lot more smooth than it did a few days ago.

It can vary depending on a few things but that what i described is the most common but some things vary for instance now note it very small usage and dEpends but the theif armor bottom has the two loose peices that move in the wind where as the dlc apuilion infantry armor has 12 To 15 Bottom pecies moving in the wind which bottom armor has more animations going on and that apply to all games the more going on means more load also the frost gaint has less load that a fully epuip thrall because all frost gaint are the same and the game only load one possibly of armor and weapon and takes 10 Of them to meet that thrall in load so it depends on where and what

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