Does "Sorry for the inconvenience" make anything better?

Those guys are national treasures where i come from. Canadians use the word sorry, then feel bad about having to do so.

In Canada sorry means; I understand what you feel caused by what i did/said and i will try to not repeat my behavior.

Other places use it more like; Shut up about it untill i do it again then repeat that behaviour when i do it again. Forever. Thanks!

Which one do you feel FC represents?

There’s also the “sorry, eh?” you get from your athletic sister, after she skis right over the back of your snowboard, causing you to tumble down the slope like a cartwheel. The tone of voice and the crease in her brow say “that’s what you get for cutting in front of me.”

I think Funcom uses it, depending on the personnel, with varying degrees of empathy and/or sympathy. For instance, I just saw one from Andy in the PC section. I know for sure Andy means it. :adnyshake:


Ya, I’m fairly sure there aware of there game state… they could “not” say Sorry, but they do.

I’m angry in moment… then its goes away.

Like alot of above, My counter point to some of it… I hate wasting my time. Losing 1000-2000hour saves, for multi games has happen to me few times.
Maybe few I’d never go back. Losing Ogre Battle save killed me… Dragon Warrior III(GB which had shiny medals added on)
That broke me… never played my gameboy again after that.

Lost my Main Base to to few of major updates, Not even do to no build zones. Just start up game, and listening to everything break and crumble during load screen.
I keep my Main Character save from day 1 around… in hopes of her finishing last 3 Steps.
I use another PSN to restart almost every week… I havnt loaded main save in long time. I know full well, My base around Oasis is gonna go poof…

Waiting for that Update for SP, kinda knowing it’ll never come.

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Oh, shіt, I had no idea that only Canadians knew how to apologize :rofl:

All jokes aside, those “other places” aren’t nearly as homogeneous as you imply here :wink:

I’ve lived in Serbia, Chile, and United States. One of the things that I found very weird in the US was how they use “sorry”. Someone would ask me how I was, I would tell them I couldn’t sleep last night because your neighbor’s dog wouldn’t stop barking at squirrels, and they would reply “I’m so sorry!” And my first thought used to be “why is this person sorry, they’re not my neighbor”, but then I realized my mistake.

I don’t know what it’s like in the rest of the world, but here in the US it’s common for people to say “I’m sorry” because they empathize with you, not because they’re apologizing. It seemed weird to me, because my brain was incorrectly translating every occurrence of “I’m sorry” to “I apologize”.

Neither. First, it’s a false dichotomy – there’s more than the two answers you present there.

But more importantly, Funcom is a corporation. People anthropomorphize corporations all the time and then get outraged when a corporation doesn’t behave like a person.

When a company says “we are sorry” or “we apologize”, the only thing it means is that they acknowledge that whatever happened is their fault. No matter how the people inside a company actually feel, no matter whether it’s the company’s fault or not, a company will not apologize for something if it could legally harm them. They’ll use weasel words like “we are sorry you feel that way”.

An apology, even coming from a person, doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than the acknowledgment of something they did wrong. Different cultures have different standards for what else it might imply, but the minimum is just an acknowledgment. And a company is not a person, it’s a legal entity, so their apologies are always just that minimum.

That’s just the way things work in our society. Complaining about it is kinda like being outraged that the customer service specialist ended your call with “have a nice day” even though you know they don’t give a shіt about you.


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