Does the good outweigh the bad?

I usually look at the forums of a game for a week or so before I pull the trigger on buying a game and have noticed this one seems to be especially full of complaints. There’s always complaints, forums are a logical place to do it, but I’d like to hear, especially from people with complaints, if the game is worth playing despite the issues.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe on sale

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I love this game, have over 1200 hours in it since the beginning of EA and desperately want to say yes, but every other patch since the big release patch last April has broken things. Specifically, you’ll have crafting stations or chests just disappear because of bugs with ceiling and foundation pieces. Or you’ll have thralls that you spent hours to obtain and equip disappear through foundations, ceilings or drawbridges.

I want the game to succeed but, how can I recommend it when I’m on the verge of shutting my private server down because all my players won’t get on because they’re afraid to lose progress. At this point I’m stranded and hoping the next patch will fix everything and I can coax people back.

I have ~800hs since early access myself (even with a long break from the game around the time they launched the Frozen North biome,) I would be an hypocrite if I voted No myself :stuck_out_tongue:

But, even then, I recongnize that some of the issues that are currently plaging the game are a bit disheartening… also, the constant nerf to fun aspects of the game is also disheartening.

If someone asked me to recommend this game for No or Yes, I wouldn’t be able to say either… that’s why I haven’t reviewed the game on Steam also… because, I’m torn… I like the game, it’s plenty fun and I play it a lot, but, the fact that I have to use TONS of mods to make it fun for me (mostly removal of annoyances the devs added DUE to pvp,) or the fact that I didn’t let Steam upgrade it since the build before Khitan DLC because there are so many things broken currently, speaks volumes… IMHO.

So, it’s a hard choice atm.

EDIT: But, as for the question of this poll? YEAH, totally IMO… the good still outweight the bad, even at the current state… but the bad is growing patch after patch.

If you’re going in the game to pvp others maybe wait until august when developers are back.
If you’re going in the game for pve or pve conflict to build, chill and explore you will have some stuff to do.

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Well it is on sale on humble now, waiting til August probably not gonna happen.

I’d say, go for it… depending on your intentions and playstyle… do you intend to go for official servers? for private? for running your own server (that’s what I do) or playing it solo?

For official pvp, it’■■■■■ or miss depending on teh server you land
For official pve/pve-c it’s mostly OK, from what I heard.
For private server, depends on community/admin and distance from you to the actual server, so it needs some research before joining.
For local/dedicated server, it’s OK.

You can start and enjoy a good number of hours without noticing problems, but there are some malfunctioning things that currently make progression impossible at some points (fish traps not working for some, meteors not falling -> no starmetal, etc.)

EDIT: the censored part SHOULD say “hit or miss”, don’t know why it’s censored like that… there’s a SPACE between the letter ‘s’ and the word ‘hit’, not to mention the letter ‘s’ is part of the PREVIOUS word.

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Official PvP is what I’d probably do, unless there’s some really well-developed amazing private servers with impartial moderation and more stability than the official servers.

Edit: Puritanical bull hit.


Yes. No Doubt. It is a solid game and could be a legendary one. Easy to spend 100+ hours without even thinking about it. Single Player and Co-op will keep most of the riff-raff exploiters at bay.

Caveat: Mostly stated above. Personally I run my own private server…which is down right now because of stability issues with CE. Once Funcom fixes the stability I will mod in the fringes where needed and run the server.

Server Type:
Private Server, RP/ERP with PvP Moderated Events


I sincerely hope you find a thread to post this with some emphasis. You deserve some visibility for stating something I have heard from friends and fellow content creators. And I hope you find a good solution for your community.

Yes it is worth playing. I think if you got started now, you’d be coming along to Level 40 when Funcom addresses next patching. Unless you are especially proficient you would not be affected by many issues that are commonly brought up among seasoned players, simply by lack of time for full development/acquisition.


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