Does the new attribute system actually allow different player classes?

So I’m enjoying 3.0 testlive (when the servers are up).

One thing I’m realizing is that the new attribute system appears to allow different player classes. Normally I play PVP and what I’ve noticed on the non-test PVP servers is that for the most part there are only two player classes – PVP or farmer. For the PVP class pretty much everyone will create the same build (how often did I see everyone with the same light armor/feroxic blade/spear build?).

With the new attribute system it seems viable to have different classes such as sorcery, agility melee, agility ranged, strength, high authority etc. Different clan members can have different roles and work as a team.

I’m a bit nervous about what I’m hearing regarding the abyssal armor (and whether every PVP player will just go for that build) but honestly I have not tried it yet.

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