Does the number of queue'd items impact server performance?

I am being told that, somehow, the number of items queue’d on a bench will lag a server, regardless whether or not anyone is logged in.

50 players (scattered log ins) with 4x grinders.
situation A: everyone has 1000 bones to grind
situation B: everyone has 100,000 bones to grind

obviously, situation B would take longer to complete… the question is, as bone #500 is being ground up, is situation A using more, less, or the same cpu to process the queues.

some sanity here would be much appreciated


Well any time the server has to do anything, it consumes resources, but as more stacks are created, it would mean more storage slots when coming within render distance, so yeah, in theory yes, but in practice, any populated inventory slot contributes. Mass storage in general is probably the bigger issue which mass grinding of materials is going to do the same thing. If this case is of concern, there’s a lot more to be concerned about first imo.

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the issue is the number of storage slots?

if that’s the case, shouldn’t increasing stack sizes reduce the number of slots and thereby reduce any impact on the server?

Populated slots is my understanding. Stacksizes are a balance issue when it comes to what you can carry, so increasing stacksizes isnt a without consequence fix.

A crafting station with 10,000 queued items generates less ‘lag’ than 10 crafting stations with 10 items queued.


Its why I’ve advocated for specialized stations that can only store one type of material to lose inventory slots entirely, and replace them with just a number of the material. So stone storage that can hold say 100,000 stone wouldn’t have 100 slots, it would just be a single variable that stops letting you put stone in at 100,000. Effectively turning that station into a single stack, but it would actually take less server resources than that.

But to put it simply the issue is the number of slots, not the number in the slots.

Another factor in this is that crafting stations don’t use any resources if no one is around them. When there’s no players around a given station, the server doesn’t allocate any resources to processing the queue; when a player does come in range, the server notices and “catches up” to where it should be in the queue depending on how much time has elapsed.

This is also the source of the bug where sometimes you’ll put something in a crafting station and it “insta-crafts” an entire stack of whatever. It’s existed forever, but of course, no one really complains about that particular issue.

I know it ruins my day when it happens… and my disappointment is immeasurable.

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