Does the subscripion still exist?

are you still able to do the subscription? I can’t seem to get it working.

The monthly one is available. You can click on the little yellow bee icon at the top left of the game. If you’ve already done that, maybe your payment hasn’t gone through yet.

I have tried clicking it and nothing pops up.

If you’re using the Steam client please confirm the Steam Overlay [ Shift+Tab by default] is enabled.

the only way I have been able to get at my old data has been outside of steam.

If the Patron icon is not loading the Patron Rewards screen you should run Repair in the game launcher before you log in again.

the problem is all the data is connected to the original game. I had to bring that over to my computer just to play. as in the original game folder.

hi I was trying to renew my annual subscription. is that not an option any more?

That was a one-time thing from Valentine’s day a couple of years ago unfortunately.