Does trebuchets still poof ? or is it safe to bujild them at least as decorations?


i have many of htem dissapear without any apparent reason, (100 stability)


We have 4 places to mount them. 3 of them disappear over night, the 4th one has been in the same place for 2 years.


Yeah…it is really buggy. Had one last 4 days in one spot, timer (private) tied to base, then it “lost” stability. Nothing changed, just RNG in the order it loaded.

I have lost 10 trebuchets that just lost stability at random times, even though they were placed on solid foundations. The last was a month ago. I haven’t built one since.
At the same time, my neighbour has one sitting on bare ground with no foundations underneath, and it hasn’t decayed.

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I guess I’m glad to stick to mainly singleplayer for this one. I build a trebuchet for the journey step then tear it down as soon as it’s been fired.

this bug has bene around i think since launch… LOL…

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