DOMINUS PvP - The only server with modded offline protection and custom warping that doesn't let you escape combat. *And more*

DOMINUS NoRP.Lv300.PVP-OfflineProtection Mod

Hi all :smiley:

I’ve been running a PvP conan server for just shy of 2 years now and boy its been a hell of a journey.

The server typically wipes at the end of every month, but because of recent development activities, we’re rolling this month into Sept. As part of our reopening, the server won’t wipe until October.

We’re a level 300, 3x server that has never settled for your run-of-the-mill AOC EEWA yada yada lineup.
The concept has always been focused around less grind and more building with a focus on serious pvp with mods. Yeah we have custom weapons. No we dont have anything that shoots lightning or fire breath. Never will either.

We dont have any RP elements, but we’ve always had plenty of deco mods should you choose to utilize them.

I’ve spent thousands of hours creating custom mechanics in the devkit - weapons, new orbs, reimagined god bubbles, suicide vests, hidden landmines, thrall pot healing auras, custom treb ammunition - to name a few.

Just this month I’ve finally completed work on my dream project:

Automated tracking of you/your clan’s online status which will place your builds into a protected status which dramatically lowers the damage they will take (.1x modifier)

Come set up shop. And let me know if you saw this ad :smiley:

DOMINUS NoRP.Lv300.PVP-OfflineProtection Mod


I guess I’ll just add update notes to this periodically.

What’d I do today?

Disabled mario killing (you can still get the achievement, it just wont kill the person you jumped on)

Implemented a hidden timer so that bombs can’t be used viably for pvp (5 seconds before hitting them with an attack will make them explode. Otherwise it will just light the fuse as if you bumped into it)

Lengthened the delay between throwing axe animation steps so Thralls can’t rapid-fire them.

Working on a new mechanic where an attacker will plant a banner that disables building in the surrounding area. This is meant to encourage more pvp instead of defenders spamming build mats :smiley:

Added Orbs of Reclamation: A utility item that will auto-pickup owned building pieces in a 20-foundation-diameter sphere.

Oh joy. I can post links again!

Damn, this server almost sounds perfect with the mod selection, the custom content, and the PvP system… But why monthly wipes? Don’t people get tired of rebuilding every month?