Dont come on the 1141

Dont come on the 1141 server.
It’s full cheaters…
They have undermesh, air bases, use speedhack, spawn on your body, see in the night like the day, have big reduce damage…
It’s not only glitch, it’s hacking too…
We make many topics to the community manager but they don’t care…


chinese tribe yes,
named : Obey, Maria ozawa, fish, UFO, ", (no name), ect …
Full glitch user, We can see their stream, night vision by script, floating base A9, all stats full, crash server ddos, ect …
We found and record them. just see


After undermesh bases, they have air bases, very creative chinese players …

We will need soon an anti air bases patch :slight_smile:


Funny enough, there WAS a patch for air bases, around a year ago. It’s an old glitch. “Glad” to see it’s still around though… funcom, man. What can you do.

Not to worry – Funcom will introduce a rework of the trebuchet in Patch 2.2 that will have extended range to blast those air bases out of the sky. Just you wait and see – trebuchet rework. That’ll fix 'em.


When I stopped playing 2 years ago, we were already talking about all these glitches, I come back to the game when siptah came out, thinking that everything had to be corrected and I see that it is even worse than before.
For me I think the conan adventure is over.

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Direct connect should be disabled.
Regions locked and ping limit activated and renforced. (Is it interesting to play with players teleporting around the map with a ping of 200/300 with enormuos lag spikes) ?
It will block people with speed hacks at the same time.

But who cares :rofl:

List of cheats used by this Chinese team for us raid one of our bases :slight_smile:

  • Speed Hack

  • AutoLock Weapons

  • All 50

  • Stamina infiny

  • Base Undermesh in Bat CAve in H10…(ask me the link I will give you)

  • Fly Base in A9 recorded in the vidéo … (ask me the link I will give you)

  • usebug for tp with all the stuff on their death and respawn on their bed

  • crash serveur for ddos

This Chinese team is of unlimited toxicity, it raid the Noob clan in undermesh and made to leave nearly 30 players of this server in 15 days. Despite all our recordings and blatant evidence, nothing has been done yet.

I am only one thing to say… what FUNCOM admins do against this… Wait until the official waiters are deserted to take matters into their own hands?


Hey there,

Please be patient. There have been a large number of reports as of this summer.

Also -assuming this is the below specified server type-;
an anti-undermeshing feature will be implemented on Exiled Lands PC PvP official servers with Hotfix 2.1.2 (next patch). See this thread for more information:

See the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures for how to report exploits.
Be sure to read these rules yourself as well before reporting.

Thanks for the links @TheLOLxd2 , we contacted them already, but it is also good to let the community know what is currently going regarding the cheaters and the people who are expected to actually do something about them. And btw, this is not an undermesh base, it’s a flying base : vaults floating in the air with all their thralls, horses, benches, etc.

We’ve been raided through undermesh by these guys. The first 3 jars were put right next to our beds, in the middle of the base, with all walls still intact. The bomber was a russian guy, teaming up with the chinese clan, probably p-firelord.
This russian guy had no buffs whatsoever, but he was fighting 3 T4 thralls by all himself, killing them and lost only 1/3 of his hp. Then of my mates came to fight him (mate was full bully buffed), the guy took a full right-click Black Ice sword combo, and was at 1/3 of his hp after receiving the 4 hits. When we found their flying base, they started to cage up the brimstone lake and crashed the server 4-5 times in a row to prevent us from building a tower to reach their base… Oh, for good measure, they were also using speedhacks, had a really impressive (.!.) range with their spears, autolock, etc, etc. Basically, they did it all.

So yep, quite fed up, think I’ll go back to private servers for a while until Funcom actually does something about people like this.


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