Don't extend the decay timer! Change the decay system!

I think we can all agree that the question of decay timer length is highly divisive and will never satisfy everybody.

Can we find an alternative to it?

Also if we could have ROPE BRIDGES that would be great. Thanks.


My idea is daily purges. Even so much as a separate purge each day for how many clan members have joined.

Whether you are offline or online your base or builds will experience a daily purge. If you don’t defend it you become a victim to it.

Being attacked by the game while offline is not a good plan. It is bad enough that players perform offline raiding, the game need not join that problem.


Alright, in the spirit of compromising the off line purge only activates if the clan or player has not logged in for a 24 hr period. After that the base is subject to a purge even if they chose not to defend their base.


Build defenses that can withstand a purge for the amount of time you know you will be gone…


Build in the faction system and allow players to bank protection from their faction so that when their base is being attacked the faction sends NPC’s to help defend the purge.

If I work 12-hour shifts, 3 or 4 days every week, 24 hours will not be long enough to keep my game play level until I can get back to it.

There should be a way to accommodate those that have long work hours or are unable to access the game daily.


I kinda like the idea but on the same hand, not…

Why not? I have over 100 volcano thralls in my vault. Most bases are just little bases I have with a wheel and a public maproom. So there are mostly only 6-8 thralls protecting it.

IF your idea would come to the game… Oh boy… I wouldnt have 100 volcano thralls in the vault anymore, but on the map protecting my staff :smiley:

But I like it, that you keep coming up with new ideas!!

It would certainly put more relevance on where you choose to locate your base.

If you know you are unable to be online to defend your gonna be a lot more motivated to put your base in the T1 purge zones rather than out right next to New Asgard where you will be subject to T3 purges.

The problem is with people like me, who have so many thralls… Currently I dont put them around this slave-wheel bases, because there is no need for it…
But with your system, I would do… And this would be again bad for server performance… :smiley:

I don’t tend to find myself capturing thralls daily, or even weekly. And on those occasions where I really want a particular thrall I just run them to my nearest base that has a thrall wheel.

When I know I will be farming thralls I will setup a temporary wheel that will be taken down when I am done farming, usually no longer than a week.

How about expanding on the mercenary style method a bit…

What if you could go to the various factions and “Buy” protection?

I’m talking literally pay gold or silver coins for them to send a warband that will fight in your bases defense?

Imagine paying the Relic Hunters 10 gold coin a day for base protection services…

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Not sure I would use them to defend my base, but it sure would be a nice feature to take into one of the new dungeons.

To prevent abuse it would have to be limited to where the warbands would only react to base purge events.

Possibly a rent a merc option for those players who don’t have a thrall and want to use one temporarily… But it would still have to be bound to the 1 npc follower mechanic. As long as the dungeons maintain current difficulty.

But honestly seems redundant to the system of buying a fighter thrall from the Buccaneers bay vendors as it works currently.

I really like how you guys are bringing new ideas all the time. Wondering if funcom staff sees any of it but i hope they do!
Purges are probably as divisive a topic as the decay system. If only the people who want frequent purges were the same people who want fast decay, the problem would be easily solved by making hardcore pve servers with constant purging. I’m betting those would be very active servers :slight_smile:

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THE ONLY alternative is to have people play XX ammount of hours in the server per month, if hours are not met, then the building decay the first day each month. also forced to visit structures once every 15 days. (something among those lines)

but honestly people will complain regardless of the system in place.

Allow the players to “Purchase” extra time on their decay timers.

$1 a day

This way if you go on a 2 week vacation and its absolutely impossible for you to get your base refreshed you can just pay Funcom rent to keep your build safe.

That seems fair to me to be honest:

That would help people think twice about their online possessions (= “is this junk really worth a few bucks of real money?”)

I’m expecting a lot of hate towards your idea though. Hopefully I am mistaken :sweat_smile:

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They could dedicate proceeds from this go toward hiring and maintaining a full time bug fix team.

I don’t think Funcom would object to the additional revenue stream, lol…

implementing such a system will be very problematic. and tbh, not sure if an aging product will be worth the extra effort.

Purges every day? No. That’s not a solution but more a burden. Also problimatic because they don’t patch correctly in many cases. Right now on my server there are two bases super close to each other. Very close. By Sep.

When our clan base gets purged this other players base gets mauled to death.

Also the purges literally spawn inside bases or on them. Or not at all. Or they break after a wave.

The decay system needs to follow suit with 2 major things

1 - It should be Sunday - Sunday or a full 10 days depending on when you built. Which gives ample time and weekend or offhour coverage. Purges should occure when the bar is filled. Not just during raid hours.

People who work nights can’t make it to their own purge. But if you are a morning person your base could be raided during that time.

2 - when a building is dismantled by another player during decay. Pets and thralls should also be removed. No more floating thralls.

To echo another poster. Some people still work 12 hours a day. So 10 days should be sufficient.

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I am also a no…for a dollar a day decay timer. The real life rich should not have an advantage over someone else. That is a pay to win strategy which doesnt work in survival.


Surfs or Alliance ---- Upkeep system.

You barter with anothet players. During this time the person or clan you align with can access your building. Preserving it. The bartering would occure between the players for set resources and people could choose to assist to gain wealth or to preserve alliance relations or even create clan pacts. For a set time. Not indefinitely.

The surf or upkeeper would have access to the buildings, but not storage, kilns or be able to interact with the other players home in any other way other than main entry or doors. Thus being able to refresh.

During this set time of the contract, which can be disolved at any point. The Upkeeper would would receive messages showing the decay of their employer.

If the building breaks or they fail to upkeep the transaction is forfeit. They lose their wealth agrees upon the contract.

Fail Safe. Until the contract is fulfilled the upkeeper or Surf would not be able to decay or loot a players base they were in a contract with. Preventing them from looting the other player. The code would essentially not allow it.

That doesnt mean that you cant be betrayed. So you would have to choose someone you trusted. Because they could share your decay status with another player.

This creates the element of in game economics, trading, and in some cases a govenrment.