Don't make another console game or offline single player game

Conan Exiles and Ark have a way of messing up there solo experience. Stick to what your team good at. Making not finish games. Leave us solo players alone. We don’t need yours or ark bs solo mode. Keep your future junk off consoles. We don’t need another no man sky with empty promises.

I plan to never buy your dlc or future games. I can get better deals on warframe and other games. At least they don’t mess up solo mode. I see nothing on consoles. Did we even get the HUGE patch. Or did you lie to us. I see no sorcery. I see no Necromancery. I’m done waiting. You guys were able to have sorcery in Age of Conan. You already have your artist. There also Necromancer in Age of Conan.

I’ll see sorcery just as I’ll see a half-life 3.

You mad long time bro?

Think that will not be an constructive discussion so closed here now