Don't Nerf Ambrosia

You know you did a mistake right? You went from completly offensiv (attacking him) to completly defensiv (rolling around trying to heal, rolling around even more …) once you got hit and let yourself poke to death.

I hope you did this on purpose to show in the video that healing in close combat situation are not an option anymore. On the other side, everybody who reads the patch notes could have predicted what will happen to you when you suddenly switch from offensive to defensive and start just rolling on the floor like crazy.

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Exactly. I’ve watched this video all 38 times it’s been posted in these forums lately and it amuses me to to no end. From roughly half health all the player does is panic roll and try to manoeuvre away. The best defence is offence. Dodge away enough to give yourself room, take the offensive again and maybe do enough damage that your opponent is now on the back foot, you may even just give yourself a chance to hit a pot while they are rolling around lol. Anything would have been better than just blowing away stamina rolling around.

1st: This is not me playing.
2nd: It doesn’t change the fact that the heal is useless in this kind of situation, unless the enemy does a mistake. And you can’t rely on that.

  1. I never said it was you, hence why I referred to them as “the player”
  2. One video of a situation handled badly does not prove anything.

I don’t think the new healing system is perfect, it’s far from it, but I don’t see it making me uninstall the game or give up playing it. They will tweak it again, like they have with nearly every major change. I’m struggling just as much as the next player, I haven’t even come close to winning even a simple 2v1 since the update, something I used to be quite comfortable with. Give it time.

Yeah was meant for this Hel guy.

Then please stop writing and show me good examples. I want videos as proof.

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Perhaps you missed this part bud

I can’t provide video evidence of something I made clear I’m not capable of yet. The update only just dropped. I’m happy to give it time and keep experimenting. If it turns out I simply can’t adjust than I’ll be happy to fight for change with you. But I’m not there yet lol I’m way to stubborn to give in this quick.

you just cant use a potion, it is even worse in pvp group


Personally I like the ambrosia changes. Not because I like losing a no animation heal, sure that sucks, but because relative to everything else in the game it’s ridiculously overpowered and makes those things almost worthless. And it’s not like it’s hard to make en masse with very little cost in time to farm up. I get that folks who are primarily interested in pvp are suffering as it massively speeds up kill times and removes options. Hopefully they’ll consider following these changes up with an assessment of changes that can improve the situation. Instant uninterruptable healing isn’t the solution but maybe other things will be. Feedback simply complaining or demanding things be reverted doesn’t seem helpful, but discussion around how much time/space should be required to pop a potion and how much the animation needs to be sped up to accomplish that or how quick reaction time should be to spot another player using a healing potion allowing an opportunity for counterplay to break the animation would be pretty interesting. I’m sure the opinions on those fronts are pretty diverse too.

The video floating around makes me laugh a lot though. It’s not much different than someone standing still considering the tiny space and that he’s being pressured the entire time. All that shows is the design choice that potions can be interrupted is working. It doesn’t show how hard it is to get a potion off in combat situations. The player made no attempt to pressure and buy any time/distance to realistically do so.


What kind of situation are we talking about? Arena fights are not comparable with open field fights where a lot of other factors come into play as well. I agree to the point that healing is no option in arena fights anymore. But the questions is, was it ever meant to be one? I mean sure you played like that for a long time, because you could but to be honest, arena fights which animation canceling and ambrosia spamming where sooo sooo boring. Every fight the same. No diversity in playstyle just a challenge who is faster in button spamming and timing. Can´t really call that skill. Open field is much a different story especially when you try to raid besides fighting. You never know what your oponent will do and whats waiting behind that door.


well “timing” and healing in the right time while fighting requires more skills than “who lands the first hit wins”

PvP now is all about who hits first. you don’t need to be clever, to have more skill or nothing else…
You just need to hit first and spam attack
OR still horse fight. this is the WORST pvp update ever.
i’ve cried, i’ve complained before because of other updates, but this one is the worst… pvp is done.

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Nothing else being those macros? Skillset Ø

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