Dont poke the care bears

We have been on the same server since the start. I am sad to say a new brand of griever. Our map room satellite outposts are being hit by other clan’s purges.

They build shanties on the ground and level 1 machines all over the ground. As close to the no build line as possible. Now you can not reinforce. You are up against their no build.
Then they build a huge fortress somewhere else and drive the purge over and over.

Guess who gets purged? The outpost next door, that has walls, and now no guards because they all got “dismissed” due to over population.

Flippin Brilliant.


Talked to one yesterday can not write the words they said. No is what they amounted to.
I locked down the map room, it is now private.
Added 2 rows of palisades and some named archers. The dancer will not be alone this time.
Now pay no attention to them, and someday we will demolish their fort, just like we do all the rest.


I’m glad you are putting them in their place and not buckling under that kind of antagonistic play, I am curious however how will you demolish them? Your tag says you are on PvE?


Tis the season for gift giving. Give them the gift of a World Boss or several by kiting them over to their base. :smiling_imp: :metal:


Loose lips, sink ships…


hm, you sound like the care bears on our server. The ones who enclosed at least 3 obelisks so no one can use them. And of course being on PVE-C, only a purge can destroy building pieces. hm…

applause nice pictures, definitely the sinkhole i referred to, same server as well. I agree, they will continue to lose pieces, one by one , bit by bit…

See folks put up with a lot more bravo sierra then we do.

I guess there are folks out there just determined to rain on parades

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