Don't see whay we can't enslave giants, skeletons and wights like we do thralls

I don’t see a reason why players cannot enslave giants or skeletons and such the same way we enslave thralls. We should be able to bonk em and put them on a wheel. Funcom could design and introduce a wheel specifically for such humanoid creatures and make it a separate skill tree.

I don’t think it would be appropriate to allow for bosses to be enslaved that way- even though it would be cool to have a full legion of Kinscourge guarding your stuff.

There’s no functional reason why not, but there are plenty of reasons that have to do with the immersion.

My character is just about tall enough to look at a frost giant’s butt. Swinging a truncheon at its butt cheeks would be quite comical. Having it faint from that would stretch my suspension of disbelief beyond its breaking point.

As for skeletons, they’re literally a bunch of bones animated by magic. You can’t really concuss something without a brain.

Again, those aren’t any functional reasons. But then again, if we want to discuss functional reasons, I gotta wonder why you want that change. The gameplay is richer this way, even though it adds more slot-machine mechanics, but capturing thralls is already a slot-machine mechanic in itself.


Well you already can have frost giants and undead as followers. You just do it via another mechanic besides the wheel of pain.


Yeah but putting on a wheel in more Conanesque. Throwing em on a wheel is more thematic.

Blowing that horn for giants is for the birds.

As CodeMage imagined knocking them out, I imagine frost giants being in a wheel of pain. They just push it once and that thing spins forever.
But letting them to do some heavy work, like carrying giant boulders could be fine I think.

A wizard did it.

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Me gustaría que lo permitieran al menos desde el panel de administrador para los que jugamos offline o para los que tiene su propio servidor

Yeah; furthermore, the whole purpose of a wheel of pain is to break the will of those poor souls you put into it. A giant can probably spin a giant wheel with one hand, so it’s not like you’ll break them more than you’ll bore them into submission. An undead directly can’t feel pain, exhaustion or the loss of sanity derived from enslavement; so it’s unlikely you’ll break its will (if it has one, to begin with).

So yeah, calling for a giant as a friend and summoning a soul to animate a corpse are better mechanics.


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