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As posted in reddit:

So, over 4K hours in, I dutifully go and log into my account on 1823 official server and find my front gate gone, my stations gone, and an entire base accept for my thralls, gone…accept for a building my son built WWWWAAAAAAYYYYY in the back.

Will check my other server next.

All the rest, gone. My scheduled decay date was 2 April 2021 but I didn’t get there… many of the bases of friends that play were also gone and immediately built over by others.

This is not decay, this is license. When my main gate, and my stations inside my base are missing, without any event log, this is someone who’s gone a hack above the rest and are dissembling bases and removing assets within the 7 day timer.

This game is irrevocably broken, and it’s being hacked like it’s never been hacked before and Funcom continues to sit on its hands as if this is playing as intended. There is either a permitted player purge going on, of a flaw so fundamental that they’ll never correct it.

Do not support and do not play this game, you’ve been warned…by someone who’s stuck with it since EA and still hosts a server for it… this has gone from bad to toxic.

p.s. I’d post in the funcom forums but my account and password no longer work and attempts to reset don’t work either, no idea how this has gone so bad…

Funcom, really?


(Sigh), no.

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So you knew your base was about to decay? Any player could go up to it and remove it at that point as it would have entered the abandoned state.

Little confused here. Do you mean that you have posted this from reddit on the op’s behalf or this is your story?? Anyway sounds like someone dismantled sections of your base that were classed as abandoned. I do it too on pvp servers but on pve servers I’ll leave it to decay on its own cause you don’t really gain anything unless you’re just starting and want easy farm. It happens man. If it’s your story and you have as many hours logged as mentioned it shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

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Normally I would have left the base, but my Bearer thrall got stuck in his roof, so I had to crash the base. His decay timer went off at 17:47 MST and there was no hocus pocus hacking going on.
I just happened to be in the area of the mounds and noticed his base was about to decay.

On the flip side, he had foundation spam all over that grid, trying to block other players from building, so I dont really feel guilty destroying that.


Ahhh. There’s always a little more to any story :sweat_smile:. I must admit, if I had my bearer with me than stuck or no it prob would have been a bit too tempting to snare a bit of easy loot what with someone to help me carry it lol :joy:.

Honestly I just took the T4 named crafters and the metal. Most of the other stuff was meh. He did have a bandit leader in a box, lol. I took that also.
I was just scouting the area looking for a place to put a wheel and a small base to farm the mounds, and he had foundation spam everywhere.
If it were not for the foundation spam, I most likely would have never noticed his base.


1 hour in game is faster than real life for some reason. I’ve noticed this when placing items in the heap compost. A rocknose egg supposedly decays in 1 hour, but if you check from time to time you’ll notice they go down in 30-40min and turn into a rocknose peble. This means that 168 hours in-game will go faster and resetting your base once a week is a risk you take. I know lots of players who decayed, got looted and logged in 1-2 hours after saying they got hacked. This is why I reset my base twice a week if I know I won’t be able to play.
Ofc ocasionally you’ll get 30min-1hour added with every server restart in the morning, but then again, resetting once a week is a big risk and a sure way to decay at some point.


Totally agree. I have had a base decay and get looted so I dont chance the last minute log in refresh anymore.


I demolished alot of decayed bases belonging to weekly resetting players. It’s a drama show everytime it happens wether on the forum or in-game global chat.


Hrm, well either way, I know how you feel. I’m not having much luck lately with bases either. I wouldn’t mind but most of it is not down to me, lol.

My main base on a PVE-C server was already trashed by an offline purge a while back.
I managed to salvage it and rebuild, but I have not been able to log back onto the server for the last 3 days due to the infinite loading screen bug. When and if I can finally get back on , I fully expect it to be gone.

(which sucks)

Because of all this I started a new character up on a PVE server, (on a server I could actually log on to) and everything was going fine: I had spent 3 weeks building up enough materials to build a good sized base.

Came back online a couple of days later to find it completely wiped by a neighbour (who purposefully dismantled it) no reason or word as to why. At this point I just assume it’s because they could (I mean I expect this on a PVP or even a PVE-C server, but PVE? really? That’s just mean lol)

So, feeling a bit burnt out at this point, and I guess, kinda homeless.

Not talking about that base, which still should not have hit the timer until today. Somethings off with the decay timers I think. As an example, there’s still a base my son built way in the back that is just fine, nothing happened and nothing changed…it’s still there and was only ever updated because of the foundation spam.

The timers are off or are being toggled to remove weekly updaters. A Funcom issue…as usual.

On the foundation spam, that area of the mounds constantly had folks building on top of me, I mean right up to the someone’s already built here mark, ruining the spawn points and generally cocking up the area. The foundation spam was the only thing that stopped it; so no regrets there.

I see now the better thing was to simply abandon it as those bases all decayed after time anyway.

The main thrust of my post is talking about the base at the nords (by the pond), gate missing, stations missing, all the T4 crafters missing, and absolutely no decay at all (timer working as intended); all crafters and stations a floor above still there and intact. Someone’s found a way to get in, remove things (even on PVE-C) and get back out. No idea how they did it. I need to ask my chinese friends on my server…they’re pretty good at slipping things out. But no, all stations interior and at least three blocks from any wall, gate covered by rhino’s and wolves, no idea how they did it.

On another note, leave WoW, come back years later, all is as I left it. Same with EVE and every other game I play; this one, if you don’t log in (or it seems even if you do) it’s all gone but the toon and what it had on it.

Just too much work to be a fun game. Enjoy the stuff.

Join a server with a proper community that has decay turned off. All your problems mentioned, having to spam to protect your build areas, having to log in frequently to even just refresh your buildings decay timers, folks ‘slipping’ into bases to steal crap will be solved.

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I remember that spam war. The Mounds area was a horrible mess for a while. Sadly, the foundation spam is a grey area in the rules and sometimes people get away with too much. IMO, any time there’s a spam war, both sides got away with too much.

I’m not playing on 1823 anymore, so I haven’t witnessed what happened. However, this sounds like a textbook case of not knowing all the details of decay, which is something Funcom really needs to teach players with an in-game tutorial (or journey) instead of letting them find out the hard way.

When your decay timer reaches 0, your build doesn’t go “poof” instantly. Instead, it enters the “abandoned” state for the next 24 hours. While it’s in abandoned state, the timer UI shows the countdown from those 24 hours with a red “Decayed” above the timer. This is something any player can see and there are players who keep close track of that stuff.

While your stuff is in abandoned state, any player can open the radial menu on your building pieces and/or placeables and select “demolish”. Not “dismantle”, but “demolish”. If a player demolishes a building piece, it will be destroyed, along with all connected building pieces. However, if a player demolishes a placeable (e.g. door, torch, crafting station, chest), only that placeable will be destroyed. If it had any inventory, it will drop a loot bag and the player can loot it.

So what most likely happened is that your decay timer reached 0, your build by the New Asagarth pond entered abandoned state, and someone decided to demolish its doors and all containers to get the loot. Some people will also demolish the whole build.

It all depends on the motivation. Some people just want to make sure the loot doesn’t get lost in case the owner stopped playing, but don’t want to raze the whole build in case the owner manages to come back. Others want to free up the whole spot and will happily demolish everything. You take your chances with the decay timer, you put the fate of your build in other players’ hands. :man_shrugging:

You need to look at your event log. It’s usually pretty clear when your build became abandoned and someone demolished your placeables.

Sorry to hear you lost your stuff. I hope to run into you and Ruff if I decide to come back to Conan. o7

The advantages of a MMO is as you say, when you return to it, your character and stuff is where you left it (minus games with housing that has fees attached to them - not sure what happens when the fees are not paid over time. I do recall Star Wars Galaxies the properties would eventually disappear when not paid.) I play MMOs since 1996 so understand the effect you can return anytime.

This game was not built in the same way since the map is limited to 8km by 8km (Unreal Engine limitations at least at 4.15 which Conan Exiles uses). So for official servers at least, there is a need for player built places to be removed if players no longer play (granted 1 week is pretty short in my opinion). I play on 2 official servers and run 3 rented (Gportal) servers so I know both versions of the game. I have shut off decay on my servers but as Admin, every so often if a player/clan is gone for months (at least 4 but usually I do not clear the properties until 7+ months away) I would have to destroy the properties so others can have the opportunity to use the area or remove clutter. I do keep some properties on the server that was well made even if they been gone since Feb 2020, but that is rare.

As someone suggested, you can look for a private servers to play on with longer or no decay timers. Play single player/Co-op is another option. With the amount of players on official servers, it does make sense there is a way to clean the map of outdated structures.

You could make a suggestion on the suggestion forum about changing the timers to be a bit more reasonable on the official servers.

I hope whatever you end up doing, you find enjoyment in the game(s) you play.

I saw that building, it was not physically linked to the main base. I wasn’t there to demolish anything. Like I stated, my thrall got stuck in the ceiling and when I tried to demolish the ceiling piece, the whole base went, including the spam that was all connected to it. My apologies. And I know your base by the pond has been there forever.

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I have a private server, Ulfhedinn PC PVP no structure damage, and understand the settings as I made them myself. Ulfhedinn is set to about 3 weeks decay as it allows folk to have a life and play the game.

I play on the officials so that I can understand what challenges the players encounter in the game so that I can admin Ulfhedinn better.

But please understand, only part of my post is about decay. That part is that the timers aren’t working as intended as one base visited minutes apart decays and another doesn’t, and to JJ’s point, that building in the back WAS connected to the tower at the mounds through the land spam…yet one decayed and the other did not…not working as intended or someone’s found a way to trigger decay outside of the timers.

The main focus of the post is to point out that some players must have figured out a way to circumvent the controls and remove gates and stations and loot them without decay being a factor (not saying JJ) as I encountered them when I logged on, briefly fought them, and when they realized they’d triggered the entire base and all those wolf guards they fled. They still had boxes for placing the loot on a strip of sandstone bases so they could continue looting. They (or one of them at least) are one of the largest base builders on the server. They found a way to remove the gate, walk in (before they triggered all that agro) and removed my improved benches, a box full of star metal and other high end gear and a few of the thralls tending those stations.

It could NOT have been decay as most of the other stations were still there and all the stations above (separated by an internal door) were in tact and as I left them (including the high end mats for armor and all the T4 named crafters).

This was deliberate. This is a hack. Funcom needs to look into and fix it. The stuff doesn’t matter; but the integrity of the game does.

Also, I was away for a few weeks of TDY. I had an old fleet mate log in and updated the stuff for me. There was a bug back in EA that made it so structures wouldn’t always update properly based on the clan mate that was updating. It could be that recent changes reignited that bug.

But I doubt it. It seems that a new hack has been discovered and deployed or someone’s figured out admin rights and can target and delete elements of a structure (that drops loot when you do so).

It needs to be addressed.

p.s. you have until the end of july to visit Ulfhedinn. I’m going to let the rent lapse after that time as I’ve had enough. Funcom gonna funcom; conan exiles will end up as frustrating and disappointing as age of conan, can’t continue to keep investing time in this game if it keeps on breaking.

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Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well. I am very familiar with decay timers and according to the event log (which is silent on the base at new asa) there was no decay trigger…no lost stability etc etc etc. Someone’s found a new hack or someone’s found a way into the admin rights.

And it was Ruf that took some time out of whaling on EVE to come and update the base…and it may be that old clan mate update bug from EA that caused them to update improperly.

If you ever choose to go to a real sandbox that works (largely as intended) come to EVE, same player name and I’ll help you get started in space pew pew. Until then, wishing you and your crew the best.

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Issues with decayed timers, should be fixed of course.

I think sometimes timers do not always work 100% properly, with some experience on official and my servers.

Also, I think official servers should extend the decay to 8 days so there is less of an issue of a player who only plays once a week say on Sunday, but the timing logs in and out each week can cause unintentional decayed property.

I have to agree with you on this. Between the old bugs never getting fixed, the constant new ones, the never ending nerfing and dumbing down of the game, I am pretty much over it myself.

I know exactly whom you speak of, and they treat the server as their own personal playground without regard to other players.
I have seen this server go from a friendly average of 10 to 15 players every night to pretty much zero most nights due to this clan. @CodeMage