Double doors, better looking drawbridges, siege cauldron adjustments

Since trebuchets are getting some love it would be nice to see a few other additions to defensive structures like castles.

Drawbridges could use some love, the only one we currently have looks… patchwork… at best, were there new designs for upper tier buildings (black ice, reinforced, frontier, etc.) that followed the design conventions that they have so you could have a set of drawbridges that actually look good it would be vastly more appealing to use them.

With siege cauldrons it would be nice if these gave a DoT debuff to people below them that got hit by the tar you’re dumping out rather than just causing that “slippery” effect, a lot of the reason these existed were to make people hesitant to approach your gates, make them cause suffering please.

Double doors…
My castles needs middle sized doors, not as small as regular doors yet not as massive as gates, a two across two high set of doors for each building style that could make my buildings look fancier while still being practical would be the perfect finishing touch for most every fortress I’ve ever built.


I second that!

And that one too!


I’ve been hoping for these things for awhile, just some matching drawbridges and double doors to make my castles look more grand and defensible, I would use gates but they are usually just too massive, especially with the building size limits in place.

I’m imagining some really awesome black ice gate houses that have drawbridges connecting them together in certain hard to reach places

They could just open the same way as gates where both doors open and close so it shouldn’t be difficult to script… honestly it would be almost as easy as shrinking the gates a few sizes and making them two blocks wide

I third that! :crazy_face:

What especially bothers me about the big gates is that they’re 4 blocks tall. The large stable fence gate frame (or whatever it’s called) from the Riders of Hyboria DLC are on the right track. I could use doors like that: 3 blocks wide, 2 blocks tall, but with full-height double doors (instead of half-height fence gate) and with vertical stability propagation, so we can build on top.

Two blocks wide would also work, although I prefer odd widths to even :slight_smile:


That would be fine too honestly, I’m actually with you as far as odd number entrances, though if we could make rooms more than 7 blocks wide without pillars that might not be the case lol…

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