Double harvest in exiles land?

Thanks for the suggestion of hoarding exotic flesh btw :slight_smile: i actually did it indirectly yesterday, during my star metal farming round

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This is true, but when has common sense and/or fairness ruled the exiled lands. I say make hay while the sun shines. . .

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i like how people complain about people building…in a building game…instead how about the servers actually do their job? if people are active and building on my server i am happy.

Well… it’s not 100% a building game. And i agree it’s servers fault for not handling what the game enables people to do.
Also, I would never go ahead and tell people not to build whatever they want, but what happens is some players have way too much free time, and no restraint, and f*ck they end up covering half a grid with a uniform wall just because they can.
I’m not complaining to them. I’m trying to let Funcom know what the consequences are of their little gift.


I’m happy with my server. It’s very active and people are super nice. But most of the times it takes 15min to start a game because it won’t load when you login. And you also end up entering people bases because they take too long to render when you ride by.

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You have a point here, still like you said on your server. So on your server, you are the God and nobody can stop you to do whatever you wish, because it is your money and free time so others can have fun. Players like you I respect the most :+1:. Still…
In official servers you must respect all the others, there are no admins there to stop you or to place rules, so some people think that they own the server and build anything everywhere, they spam foundations, block resources, block obelisks, block dungeons, destroy various farming, npc and 3head spawns, causing dreadful lags, all these and more in pve or pvec servers :cry:. So yes, it is a game that allows you to build, but… You have to respect the others too, don’t you think? You my friend pay real money to have your own server, they take it for free, so what that makes you to them? To me however you are respected and they are parasites. This is what @Halk mostly says, because he have spent years to this game and this forum and he have seen a lot :wink:.

I have been here from day one… I play officials.,. My main server is official 1517 pve c where I am called by every player the God King. If someone is annoying on the server I kill them. Just last night a newish clan got out of line…pvp time came and I hunted them all…even easier to do on a pvp server. Blow them up. In real life do governments allow resources to be shared equally…na they “block” the resource and control it…this is supposed to be a survival mmo…if a clan is being abusive blow them up…i can’t count the times on a server as a solo I have defeated and run large clans off as all it takes is a little knowledge of the game, a willingness to farm and a play to crush attitude. All this crying and whining to mods and nerfing has done nothing but kill the game…just look at the numbers

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