Double Jump Exploit?

Pretty sure some guys on PvP server 1805 have discovered an exploit involving double jump. Apparently if you “mario” jump someone just right they instant die. Working on recreating the instance. The clan “twine price” has declared it is indeed an exploit and to “report us bro”, Could be trolling but It could be an exploit.

thats actually an intended feature, look in the achievements, the tower of the elephant is earned that way, if you have a weight that is well over 500% of someone elses encumbrence and land on their head you can crush them from your weight, and if you max out agility you can double jump legit


Naked characters with 400% overload dropping on unsuspected players while they are exiting their base, killing them and getting their stuff :rofl:

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bro you got trolled now about those back taxes

i start to like these folks -))

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