Double Jump Goomba Build?

Is it intended that a person should be able to double jump from the ground and instantly kill someone when 500% weight or higher?

I get that its an achievement to do it, like kill someone by falling on them. But I think that was intended to happen only when jumping off of a wall or cliff onto someones head… Not jumping from the ground on peoples head.

You have people running around naked with no weapon… just double jumping to try and land on peoples head and instantly killing them. 0 risk 100% reward. And its very easy to land, if you havent tried it… go try it and see.

I’ll just start out saying I don’t think it should be touched at all because every time the devs nerf something it ends up being absolutely useless or close to it.
They made the build much easier to achieve as before 3.0 you had to put armor on and buffs to really get a viable build. Now you can go naked and like you said loose nothing important which is a bit lame.
As I said though nerfs have been harsh. Jumping on someone’s face is one of the classic staples to defending a base. As unfortunate as that sounds it really is needed. Kinda shows how defense vs offense in this game is unbalanced.

Iunno I think something like that needs a nerf, and honestly I dont really care if its nerfed into the ground. It should be taking into consideration your momentum and the time of impact and not allowing people to jump from the ground and instantly kill you. If people wanna do swan dives from buildings or walls or cliffs… power to you. But the fact that you can just run around naked with 36,000 stone on you and just jump on people from the same level as them and kill them instantly is just silly.

And with full Grit and Vitality… you not only cant take more than 25% of your HP in damage (with the exception of Katana/Sabertooth which seems broken as well)… you heal any instance of damage you happen to take with glutton for punishment. And heal to full with fast heal with a single potion.

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