Double named thralls?

Ok so I went to the Black galleon for some named thralls and I came across Cruaidh the Crusher so the first thing to do was knock him out and take him to a Wheel of pain. After some time past, I found him again outside in a small outpost camp just before entering the ship. Is it possible to have a named thrall twice?

It is entirely possible, some people build up armies of the one named thrall, because they are seriously OP, but those particular NPCs are getting removed from official servers.

Yes certain named thralls have multiple places on the map that they can spawn.
Some thralls have a guaranteed spawn location or locations. (Such as Lian and Freya).

At least before the patch on Mounds of the Deads you could found up to 3 Dalinsia spawned the same time in different points of the city.*

That’s why: for each spawning point there is a chance the named npc spawns, but they are indipendent, so it’s not impossible to see the same named thrall spawned in two (or more) different spaw points.

It depends how many spawn points that named thrall has :wink:

*EDIT: I said “before the patch” because I don’t know if now Dalinsia still have 3 spawn points in the city.

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Without going into a long winded explanation of why, yes it’s possible to have multiple named Thralls spawn in various locations, at the same time or otherwise.

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