Double spawn of Shalebacks at Oasis of Sekhet

Single Player Testlive

Found this after the latest patch. The location is in two of the screen shots!
20190201101250_1|690x388 .

Right now, I am pretty sure Crom is ROFL. Restarting the game did fix this, I will check to see if this happens after playing for some time.


After playing for a while, I went back to the area and found that there are 2 in one of the locations. I did notice that there is a leopard in the area and it was in the process of killing one of the double spawns at another nearby nest not shown in these screens.

Happens to a lot of spawns where they will double up like this. It’s been happening since the pet’s patch in October.

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Yes, but much more on testlive.
I barely see that on regular build myself. I imagine that it’s not really fine for perf when it happens to much on a server.

Never saw it near my base before the last patch. I am always checking the thralls on the wall since for some odd reason, some of them disappear regularly. It is at different locations, so have not been able to figure out what is going on with them.

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