Double-tap E is missing on loot

Server: Private, North America/Official, North America
Version: TestLive
Issue: Bug
Summary: Loot All stops E from allowing player to exit interaction with lootable.

I kill an NPC and hit E to browse the stuff I want. I hit E again to exit the interaction, and it works.

If I hit E and take all, E does not work to exit the interaction. This is new-ish. I switched mouse mappings so I’ve put up with it (thinking it was user error) until I switched servers and it’s still happening.


Nope it’s not user error, it was reported a number of weeks ago … I think after the dec 10 patch. I’m on my phone so horrid to search for the first report of this and post … I’ll edit later if someone else doesn’t get there first.
And yep I get it as well … official PvE server, oceanic. Edit: live not testlive sorry just noticed forum sub group.


According to Trello, a fix for it is under development


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