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I play at official pve conflit server 1977, and a player build a large wall around Freya Caban (Thrall) so, i can get There by the mountain but cant get out with the Thrall, because If i jump and grab it i leave the Thrall… Also cant Raid the base because pve conflit dont allow it . So my question is: There is any official rule in cases like this? There is some kind GM in game to help? I can send printscreen, videos … I also Stream It at Twitch TV for south América

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They don’t care, welcome to official trash servers…

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Build a bigger wall around their wall… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But they CAN put their Wheel of pain inside their wall and he can not.

But can they drag Thralls across his walls?

Hmm… if their wall takes enough area then they can put their WoP next to the thrall spawn point inside their wall…

Sure, but how to get past unclimbable walls?

Build a map room and a bed inside the walls.
Use map room to teleport out. Die to get back in.

If people are willing to go through all the trouble to block access to a single thrall spawn, I’m sure they’re willing to go this extra mile too.

I’d see if it’s possible to put down foundations and stairs and build a way down from the mountain you climb to get to the spawn point … or put in a vertical elevator and hope the knocked out dragged NPCs don’t die on the way down. (Funcom says the current testlive patch fixes the problem of bound npc dying on elevators)

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