Doubt about constructions

It is possible to destroy the simple wooden door with attacks of steel weapons?

1 dmg per, Sonya’s, but after 5000 hits.

Yeah, but you’re better off trying the combined force of demonfire orbs and poison gas orbs, or grease orbs and demonfire orbs. The explosions do a lot more damage, saving you time.

Even if you can’t access them now, if you’re looking for a real base-killer, those are a necessity.

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Can you explain me better how can I destroy a simple wooden door using orbs

I thought I could destroy it with some steel wepons atacks

If you are in pvp, just throwing those orbs at it will damage it, same with your weapon’s attacks. Just keep hitting.

i have 4 gas orbs and oil orbs, its possible destroy 1 wood door with only that?
if not, what is necessary to destroy it?
tell me which orbs to use and how many?

Look, the door has 100 health, so you can hit it 100 times, or blow it up, like I said. If you have a fire orb to detonate your gas or oil orbs you can do damage, but the gas and oil won’t damage the structure on its own.

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so if I attack 100 times with an iron sword will I destroy it?
or these attacks need to be with steel sword?

Attacks in general. Are you waiting this long to test things out? You gotta experiment, dude. Test things and see if stuff works.


smell a troll.

Eh, he may just be looking for a step-by-step guide

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Use any weapon, and just keeping hitting it. Each weapon does a certain amount of damage. Someone above mentioned a wooden door has 100 health (You can check this with a repair hammer, which u can craft at the carpenters bench i think).

So if your steel weapon has 20 damage, you need to hit the door at least 5 times to break it. But just keep hitting it. You can easily check if you are damaging the door with a repair hammer, in case you want to learn how this works.

Of course if you are playing PVE and not on a public server, their could be settings preventing you from damaging structures. You can ask an admin of your server, or check the sttings via server settings.


Thanks for help guys i gonna try

Unless anything has changed…
wooden door 5000 HP.
And all weapons tools, kicks, punches, do 1 DMG.
Again, unless something has changed, it is better to use at a minimum Explosive Arrows and Poison Arrows. 1 of each done in a logical way, does 2000 dmg. per 20 seconds. so 3 Explosives, 2 poison is all you need.

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