Downloadable patches(.exe) from 18.1.1 and onwards

Old Large Client

Old Client


Patch 18.1

Patch 18.2

Patch 18.3

Patch 18.4

Patch 18.5

Patch 18.6

Patch 18.7

Patch 18.8

New Client

Anarchy Online


Patch 18.8

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No 18.8.30? Wont patch automatically

I add the last two Patches to the List

Please add the latest patch 18.8.31. I have the error: Could not open Resourcedatabase.

EDIT: I reopened AO and it successfully patched. :slight_smile:

It’s now been added, apologies for the delay!

and now please add 18.8.32.

I love to know why the server chokes about every 3 or 4 patches over the last 10 years. The download starts fine and slows down to a crawl. My connection fine and no issues with other MMO’s (GW2, EVE, Osiris…)

add the last Patch

Add the latest Patch

added the last patches

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added the last patch

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