Dozen failed purges . all in log. never got on screen announcement. but... oh well... speachless



Game mode: (Online official |)
Type of issue: | Bug |
Server type:expressionless: PvE]
Region: US server 1930 pve

lol this is hillarious, it seems something else got broken… purge bar is still intact. but i got over a dozen purges and all of them seem to be failed , check the timeline.

check the picture with the event log information : (and yes the clan is called No owner) and i never even got onscreen notification about t his ‚Äúpurges‚ÄĚ !

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


At least you get purges… My meter went to 0 and doesnt move… and purges? what is that? a hidden feauture?


no SIR read again… FAILED purges i never even got notification on screen. ,i found out because i opened the log for something else, i was online during those failed purges, so it triggerred , 3 minutes later ended, then another one triggered and 3 minutes later ended and so on, more than a dozen time… now i know why funcom disabled the console purge commands (that does not work in online gaming)…

game is soooooo BROKEN… :frowning:

and the game is sick and does not seem to improve. with the exception of part one. the following patches just keeps breaking more than it fixes. its really SAD to see such incompetence. (sorry @Tascha just being honest here) .


and here we go today…

same problems, and its filling up with failed purges (noi messages on the scren…) as you can see

whats Is going on ? @Jens_Erik

and a few minutes later :


would like to know that this is received and bein looked into.

cause i am sure i am posting the same failed purge tonight.

did purge trigger got broken with latest hotfix? i looks like thats the case…


Try moving your bed to like the other side of your base - I wonder if they’re trying to spawn and can’t find a good spot near you.


At least you get purges, since the huge patch the purge meter doesnt go up.
It is not conan survival game it is freaking minecraft building crap all the time.

Incompetence is not an excuses. Get rid of every single layer of management or decission makers. Better yet sell the freaking idea to a company that cares


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