Dragon Buds invites you

We opened this server to provide a NON-TOXIC environment for pvp and pve players alike.
We have previous experience in hosting an Exiled Lands server and enjoy hosting events, such as pvp tournaments and building battles.
We had the idea on this map to make the server public right away, to allow players to join in and see how a community can grow and help impact the path of the server.
We will play by official rules for the most part, with a non toxic approach to raids. We do not want players losing their base (time investment), just because they can not be on 40+hours a week to defend it. We are currently discussing the best way to do this, we are currently leaning towards a discord server bot that will receive and send war declarations between clans or players.

A few things to point out:
Server is open by official PVP game rules, with exception of gentleman’s style base raiding. (please
see official rules on server or discord) This means that open world killing of player vs player is

We encourage and will reinforce a non-toxic playing environment.
We only use 1 mod and that is Pippi. Adding a second mod is HIGHLY unlikely.
Server rules are still under development.

Come and join us on Dragon Buds (Events/Adventures)

The name is misleading. It is a private server not an official server.

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It’s a privet. Good group there. friendly Admin.


Thanks for your contribution. The server name was meant to display that the server has similar rules and game settings as an official pvp server. We have since updated the name of server to Dragon Buds (Events/Avdentures) as a temporary place holder name. Come make a character and enjoy the game.

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