Dragon's Death - a very short fanfic story

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Hey I might be clinically restarded but at least I’m not a templar. :nerd_face:

I want more short stories! SWL needs it.

Yea you might get it. I just finished the Templar story completly and I was vrong about the Templars. Sonnac turning in-to a impotent jackass making empty threats? The ‘Pit and Pendulum’? Pathetic. After literaly facing down Lilith herself, my character is suposed to be afraid of a couple masked thugs suposed to be my ‘executioners’?!

ROFL. Made my day. I kind of wish the game acted on it, and sent them to ‘punish’ MC. They’d be dead in a heartbeat, given MC’s level of power at the end. Just to make it more sporting, they culd have made it a fists-only brawl against both of them. Fun times.

So yea, it’s official. All 3 factions rekuire me to suspend my dis-belief past the breaking point. So I guess I’ll just play all 3. Equally dumb cutscenes all around. XD At least with the Templars tho, the dumb-ness is saved until the very end, so theres that.

Expect a new short story dealing with ‘Pit and Pendulum’ shortly. Honestly i found the Lumie assassin with the 9mil more ‘threatening’ then those 2 pricks. And thats saying a LOT.