Dragons Spawning by The Sentinels?

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [ Bug | Misc]
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [NA]

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***One TWO occasions I have had a dragon spawn on The Sentinels area of the map. They both belong in The unnamed City around 6D, however they are in H3. Yesterday it was a Red dragon and today it is a Green Dragon. It is an Unofficial server, we do have mods. However, regardless, these are Vanilla base game animals and nothing in any of the mods that I can find says they change animal spawn. The server has been up since April and nothing like this has happened until now 4 months later. Completely stumped, have read the server logs, have Battle eye enabled… I am clueless and as it is where we have a main community hub, Oh so NOT safe… and ideas …? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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Curious what mods you’re running. I have seen this happen several times with AoC on.


I have AOC, but why now? 4 months later? It doesn’t make sense why they would be so far away from The Unnamed city, I cant imagine the mod moving a dragon…

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AoC changes a lot of spawns. Not only the locations, but the distance they will travel. It’s possible it just followed someone down into that area.
I’ve seen this happening on occasion since I started hosting a server with the mod in January. It’s kinda funny watching the dragon take out an entire NPC village or two though.


Yeah, AoC does odd things. I’d ask in the AoC Discord if anyone else has had this issue recently. They do try and actively patch curiosities when they can but it’s a pretty deep mod so it may take them some time to get to it.


As a point of interest, a friend had a dragon spawn for a level 4 capped private online server with no mods. His was a partially built structure with no defenses at level 20 or so. He put out a call for help in general chat and I was all for it. Fun times :slight_smile:

Although not at the Sentinels, his house was in cell E5. Too close to the unnamed city for that level, IMO.

He moved the next day.



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Thank you, I have posted in their Discord looking for answers, I appreciate all of the input and ideas! tysvm. <3

I have spoken with the AOC mod Dev and he has assured me, as I assumed that the mod does NOT alter animal spawns.

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Actually the dev told me the mod does NOT alter any of the dragon spawns…


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