Draw Bridge Ideas

I am quite certain this has been suggested before…

It would be wonderful if the Draw Bridge had a Thrall slot. When manned the bridge could be opened from the outside by a Clan member, ideally by blowing a horn like the big war horn that we have… only smaller.

Also, the ability to set it to auto close or not like we can with gates would be nice.


Did they fix that? Last I checked, gates would automatically close on server restart irrespective of their setting.

The “Auto Close” property of gates and doors still resets to enabled after reboot, except for mysterious isolated cases. These’s a build on 1823 that has its doors permanently open, but the clan who made it has no idea why. In their own words, they disabled auto-close and it just stayed that way. Nobody I know has managed to replicate it.

Yeah I figured. I removed the gates on my gateways, me being on a PvE server I can get away with that, since they kept closing on server restart. Still haven’t put them back, even if it looks a little silly (the entry was designed around permanently open doors, not “no doors”).

I leave all of my gates closed, but my friend leaves some of his open and they stay open through server restarts.

Hmm, well I’ll try putting doors back in later, then we’ll see.

Huh. I’ll try again with my arena tonight. Who knows, maybe it’s my lucky night :wink:

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