Drawbridges: how to open from the outside?

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I’m using just one drawbridge, but I have seen videos of drawbridges being connected at length in the down position. That’s beside the point. How to get them to open?

The brute force attempt would be jars to the corner, but I’m looking for a way to reach the lever to do above.


Same way as in real life: have someone else inside to lower it for you. For a Single-Player like me, it’s complicated.

I’d love to have a drawbridge and a moat and crenellations in my castle, but I’d also like to be able to enter without removing pieces of wall.


Yes it is complicated for solos. I see why others want the thrall to open it. Maybe initiated by a new emote.


Oh man, i was shocked the 1st time i built a decent looking castle with a nice drawbridge, only to figure out i cant open it from outside XD

Had to put the Drawbridge and a Gate behind it. Leaving the bridge either open at all times or closed when im insside and open when i leave the base

Needless to say i was very disapointed


You cannot open it from outside.
But you can remove it and place it again. When you “re” place it, it is on the open state :wink:, I 'll send photos

This was the way I use to do it

The weight of this (derketo) bridge is only 3.37. The materials you need for this bridge weight 3.45.
3 sandstone ceilings weight 4.5.
So, either you carry this bridge always in your inventory, either you place a wooden chest to store it. If someone steal it 15 wood and 15 twine is very easy to farm, it will take less than a minute :man_shrugging:. But I was carrying a bridge with me, the weight is not so big!


That won’t work for purge time because all building is locked. I’m trying to avoid having to remove pieces and place them again.

I appreciate the responses above. This would be so cool.

P.S. i think we are almost on the same page. being that one gate is closed with the building and the other bridge is on the opposite side. So, we can only secure one gate/bridge?

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In purge if necessary, remove your bracelet, spawn in your bed and open the gate from inside to collect your things. If you have ps5 it will take you less than 15 seconds to do all this. Drawbridge is a mechanism that should work this way only. One thing you could ask is to have a thrall on drawbridge to open gate in command! If you like the idea suggest it and I will support it :wink:


That goes along with trying to get a thrall on the hot oil spill pot.

I thought about the remove bracelet (didn’t think to try it during purge :smile:). I guess that is it until FC patches it.


Before 2.4, gates behind the drawbridge was rizing the hp of drawbridge, it was bugged, I don’t know if they fix it yet! I will test.

They fix it


No such thing as a nice drawbridge in this game. Only a butt ugly drawbridge made out of scrap lumber and driftwood.

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It’s your build. You pick up the drawbridge and then replace it and close it once inside. It’s inconvenient but it works.

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