Drawbriges are shown as broken

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Xbox official pvp server 2100.

All the drawbridges appear broken with 0 hp after server restart. If you do damage to it during the raid time it shows the proper value, such as 199.999 hp left. If you destroy it and try putting a new one, it instantly becomes broken too. Works fine on single player and other server.

Same thing happened on 19.05.2020, but it got fixed after servers were down for 1.5h. Today the problem came back again.

It still provides the defence, but is annoyng that you cant enter the base without destroying it and needing to put new drawbridges (have more than few of them on my base).

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Yeah seems too be the server as I checked earlier on another server for you and all good :+1: must be expensive for you to get out of base lol

Hello @TrioKsT, do they prevent you from opening and closing them when affected by this issue?

As the issue occurred consistently in the past days?

Hey, you can freely close and open it from the inside. It works the same as if it was damaged by something. It was possible to damage it and repair it fully, so you could pick it up without destroyng it. But as soon as you put it back it gets back to 0 hp.

It seems to be working properly now since the weekend, must have been something wrong with the 2100 server in particular, as it was all good on the others during the same time period.

Server restart 2 times today. Now the drawbridges are broken again… It is really annoyng.

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