Dreaded 0:00 decay bug is back

of course , it has been sitting at 0:00 for 2 hours now, (and counting)

went out of render distance and back: nope, still at 0:00
logged off to main menu then back in game: nope still at 0:00
logged off and close the game , restarted the game: nope still at 0:00 .

this bug is happening in siptah. pretty sure it is also happening in the exiles lands too … this issue is on Official server(s) …

any ideas on how to fix it?

does anyone understand whats going on with the timers?

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Just so you know , going out of render / logging off and so on , only works if you are the only one in the render distance ! Maybe you have missed someone ( waiting somewhere near , not knowing the issue will persist untill server restart if he doesn’t move out of render distance )

A fun thing happened a week or two ago on the server I play on , we were ~ 11 players from different clans all reunited near a base , it took a lot of discution and explaining but in the end , we all got out together of render distance and waited ~ 3 min to go loot it all together , some also traded loot afterwise , fun event on a pve-c official

I tried to take a quick screen of the scene - but got only one poor , when i thought i took 3 , so only 1/3 of the scene i have to show :

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oh i know, but , there seems to be no one around at render distance, and it looks like i am the only one camping, i would have seen any other peerson lurking around in the zone , checking that timer. or in the zone, cause i did went and scout a bit.

5 Hours still stuck at 0:00…

and yues no one is around , i even asked several players to log off for 3 minutes. and to stay away from the area in question, and it is still showing 0:00

i am now hearing if you place certain placebles it will not allow the building to decay until next server restart? giving a few extra hours to the owners to come refresh…

I hear you , the first time i went to loot a decaying base ( would have gone terrible anyways since i didn’t knew what I was doing at that time and would have surely demolished a building piece at some point :stuck_out_tongue: ) it lasted so long , I eventually went out of render range after 4h, but it was to go back at my base , after server restart i joined in only to see it was already looted by someone else …
this bug is indeed anoying

it took 8 hours for us to see it decay, so i am thinking that the timer itself is bugged and there is somethjing else in play here, like there seems to be two timers, one you cant see.

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