Dreadful combat

I just tried this game for free and started as a gunslinger. Is it just me or is combat dreadfully slow, cumbersome and overwhelming boring. It just doesn’t seem right nor fit the vibe of the game. How do you pick a class like gunslinger and fire less bullets than a 100 grandma touching a weapon for the first time in her life?!?

They’re magic bullets, your grandma only needs a handful to satisfy her needs.

I don’t think that’s really bringing a logical response to the point I made. Moreover it’s validating my initial thoughts…

Well, leveling your weapons helps with speed of killing a lot. Some abilities are bit better than others but I’m not big helper there. It matters very little which “class” you chose though. Don’t forget to upgrade what you chose.

As with most games you start out with the strength of a gerbil and as you progress your attacks get stronger.

I think I am less concerned about the newb power of the weapon and more annoyed at the rate of fire, cool down between bullets. Kids shoot faster!


If you want to shoot bullets faster, I’d recommend unlocking Assault Rifles, or if you want your slower-than-desired shots to feel more in keeping with your ideals, try Shotgun.

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This isn’t an FPS so if that’s your expectation level you will indeed be sad about it. It’s more about rhythm than button mashing.

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Most of times I still press buttons frantically even if I know perfectly how long animation/cast is. :upside_down_face:


I’ve been noticing that in some people’s YouTube videos too. I always thought it looked like they were using macro or something because they kept pushing over all the buttons like crazy, even when they had just used them and had long cooldowns lol.


Dont you know clicking faster means you attack faster,and dont forget the power gain from hitting that key really hard! (yes im guilty of doing this)


I did in TSW but when I got to SWL I learned about this thing called rotation. Then I went to a dummy and figured one out with what I was using a couple of years ago.

I think it’s funny to see button mashing from some peeps that are a bit ■■■■ about how others play lol

I never was and never will become a fan of rotations, especially with abilities that have several functions xD. Why i never was able to enjoy sustain tanking. Rotation or not, clicking the same key 5times in a sec is maybe a bit unnessecary on my end lol.

To be a bit on topic, as mentioned by others pistol is prolly the gun that feels least like it fires often enough, if your expectations is a shoot er game. At the end of the day the weapons are a focus for our anima, more than real weapons, so one cant really apply typical expectations. I like to think you could take a stick and focus blade abilities through it =P

I haven’t used pistols yet, but I am currently leveling some. I have always noticed how boring it looks to be a pistol user, and it’s why it’s the last weapon I’m leveling to red. I’ve never had the desire to use them. I have several reds in each type of weapon, but no red pistols yet lol

Well that’s funny, because being a pistol main, I by far prefer it to other weapons like shotguns or blood, where the mechanics just straight up annoy me.
Sure, it’s a fire and forget type of thing where you can just ignore the weapon mechanic entirely without losing too much (at least in my opinion, so don’t bother @ me about that), but it’s far better than being forced into a tedious playstyle to make the most of the mechanic.
All of this speaking as deeps, not tank or healer.
Now, concerning the actual topic of the thread: why would you even expect an Ork level of dakka from what’s basically an action RPG? It’s not a shooter, like people pointed out, or a hack’n slash. And before you got bringing up stuff like Mass Effect where you do have a decent rate of fire while being a RPG, it’s also a shooter.
Plus, y’know, the vibe of the game is trying to fight back against forces beyond our power to truly face, so not doing the impossible, not seeing the invisible, fits it better.

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I’d like to see how the kids kill 8-10 mobs with one shot :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy: you fire one grenade. Bam! Eight to ten mobs dead, in all of one shot! Or even better, you fire one missile with the press of a button! No one said how big the shot had to be. =b

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They actually just make them disappear by covering their face with a blanket

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Was better in classic

I was referring to normal kids using a pistol shot :wink: