Dream pvp settings

my dream pvp system would be a player made purge ie you go out get thralls train them get a battle standard plant it and put what thralls you want to use in the battle standard and have a “player purge start” and start the siege and you would have server settings to say

  1. limit how many thralls you can use.
  2. what time to start/end.
  3. thrall level limits.
  4. gear and weapons ie only have 1-5 thralls have T3-T4 armor and weapons.
  5. use the treasure coffer as the end point of the siege and to partake in this the player needs to make a base with a clear walkway to the treasure coffer like in the meet your maker game you would be able to use doors or gates as long as you could walk to the treasure coffer i know i am asking a lot of the pathfinding but one can hope.
  6. the risk/reward be able to be set ie if buildings can be destroyed, thralls killable or only knocked out, having things lootable and if you win the “player purge” you get what gear the thralls were using or something like that moddable settings.
  7. have a setting for player involvement ie can/can’t leave the “siege zone”, can die/only be KO, and if player dies sieges end or continues and if it continues can/can not the player rejoin the siege or just wait or something like that.
  8. have a min/max range of where to start player “purge/siege”

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