Dreams come true after all

I know that once again I create a post that will me look sweet unsalted , still I saw a lot of things in this update like dreams come true . It is my character after all to watch the glass of water half full and not half empty .

  1. Stamina changes . Almost Everyone in the pve servers I play are whyning , the stamina sucks , the update sucks , well … I love it , after all this time the game is not boring , I cannot easily pass from a village full of angry NPC’s that want to eat me , like I was doing a walk in the park . Now the camps are again dreadful for a new player and that’s awesome .
    2 . Leather finally has a big meaning in the game . All this time I was making complaints about the massive amounts of leather that were totally useless . Now to fix hardened leather you need five of them , super cool , now bandages are necessary and they need leather ,yes yes yes .
  2. Eggs . finally we have 1 more way to farm eggs , finally . Farming birds with pick it is giving you eggs , nice .
    4 . No more flawless , all you need is any good Armorer with the correct specialization and you get a really good set of armor , or redemed SL even bearer pack , all these without purge thralls ,neat . Still on this one I don’t know if purge thralls are doing something better , this would be awesome .
    5 . New pets , beautiful but I don’t really care so much , still some of my friends were really exited from it and if your friend is happy then you are happy too :wink: . Yet , I saw in a Siptah YouTube video wild dogs , will we be able to tame a dog ? Because this pet is something that I want since day one in this game .

To be continued


The stamina changes just need getting used to. I invested more heavily in grit, am
In the habit of carrying freedom elixers and have learnt (painfully :joy:) to both stop everything before my stamina completely drains and to stop sprinting so my bar can refill if I do mess up and drain the bar. Having learnt this I’m back to clearing camps without issue again. I’m still struggling a little on the pvp side of combat, but I just haven’t had enough practise on the nearly empty servers I’m on.
The eggs from birds is also I agree, found that out myself last night trying to get a bit of steak from the shoebills in the jungle.
Overall I’m happy with the changes as well, although at the risk of starting a debate I do think the healing needs tweaking still.


6 … Rocknoses , not some months ago @JJDancer was searching for info about the Rocknoses and I was wondering what is she talking about , now I know girl , now I know , finally . Still I find the Rocknose king way easier than the simple ones and I believe that this must be worked a bit , it so not logical the simples to be worst than the boss . Yes maybe the hp is bigger but the boss is easy to avoid , or heal at the time it is making it’s slow spining .
7 Fishing . I kinda like the idea of putting the bait and wait for the fishes , still I would like to have results with more baits . I haven’t test them all but i will .
8 Bosses in unnamed city are harder to fall and the little dragons are awesome running behind you like @Halk told me , simply beautiful :+1:

To be continued …

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@Halk ,My Bella has made 3 babies , 2 of them has found beautiful houses and the last one , that looks like his mother stayed in my family . Allow me to introduce you Conan


daww cute

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Welcome to the community dear exile :+1: . Thank you very much for the beautiful post to my little Conan :star_struck:

Welcome to the club mate :wink:

But is good to also remain real and active :stuck_out_tongue: . Usually when we are satisfied we tend to forget about the other side.

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@Coty ,True , still I never went to the other side because I have only one , the gamer side :wink:, I play this version just one week , I am on PS4 yet . I just write down my new Conan experience and my observations about it . What would really satisfy me is ps5 and Siptah to be in my house right now so I can follow proper the evolution of the game . We both love the light armor full strength , before the update I had to buy Argos dlc to have my favourite light because it was very difficult to find B’naru (sorry of I typed it wrong again :rofl::rofl::rofl:) . Now I can fix Darfari ,I don’t need Argos anymore just some feat points and any named Armorer , isn’t it cool ?

@CodeMage I received an info from the discord that lava don’t hurt Thralls any more , ringing any bells :thinking: , can you confirm please ?

It’s part of the 2.4 update, which is currently live on PC. As far as I know, consoles are still on 2.3, so it should not be true for consoles yet. But hey, at least it’s coming soon :smiley:

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Please for the love of Set, keep that puppy away from @MIP (he’s going to be looking for one I think).


I know I test it ,for us still it doesn’t work , but , speaking of dreams come true after all , it did m8 , it did .
I remember it was my first days on the forum that a post was uploaded and me and @Larathiel had this conversation about it . I was new on the forum and I wanted to bragg to her that I don’t have these accidents because I know how to walk on volcano trying to explain to her how to do it , omg what a parrot i was :woman_facepalming: , sry guys , anyway I remember you popped in saying , Thralls must not die in lava , period , :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: .
Well , this day arrived my friend , now let’s cross fingers for slot machines :wink: .


That puppy is so precious, is it a Great Pyrenees?


@JJDancer , I live with my family on a village in a Greek island , Rhodes . Yes this is the island of one of the seven ancient wonders “Colossus of Rhodes” . Our dogs here on this village , most of them at least , are free . My Bella is a result of this freedom :revolving_hearts: and her son Conan too . Now ofcurce that she completed her purpose and lived the greatest experience for all being , I will take her to the doctor so she won’t have to deliver again . She is 7 and i want her to live at least 10 more . So going back to the race you understand that I cannot have anything else than a mix of multiple , still the Father of Conan was sitting for months outside my door crying to come and meet his love , omg it was more than nature call :wink: . He still comes and sit outside our door , I am thinking to marry them :joy::joy::joy::joy: