Drop all on death on pve or pve conflict?

Currently you dont lose your inventory or equipped items upon death on pve official servers.

what about on release? will we lose items / have to find our corpse in pve or pve conflict official servers?

I’m also super curious of this. Especially in conflict, it would be cool if drop on death was for the killing hours, so you could kill and loot someone.

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Yep I guess it would make no sense to have pvp without lootable corpses xD

ok xD unlike pre release, now theres full inventory / equipment / belt drop upon death, even on normal pve servers.

I found the no loot drop on death a bit too much, but maybe I would have prefered a middle point, like keeping belt and or equipment.

I can live with it as its now anyway, well, at least if corpses didnt go invisible as a new bug of today xD.

Not a complain, just surprised they didnt announce such a drastical change from official pve servers pre / post release