Drop backpack implementations ASAP

In the configuration there are three options.

  1. Drop hot wheel
  2. Drop package
  3. And I believe drop equipped items something like that.

These features are available which is awesome. But the DON’T work which is a huge draw back for the game. If you have the features to select then please make them work.

As it stands either keep everything or drop everything on death.

Imagine if you could drop only backpack and keep equipped gear.

That would change the game dynamic private server and even better for officials.
Why? Because it would allure casual players. Meaning people who just want to play for an hour each day or so. It allows more dynamic to the game. If you want to fell full survival and builder experience, fine go ahead. But for the casual players who just want to come on and kills stuff for an hour they can do that too.

Right this is not really alluring casual players with short attention span. If they next time they come on and find that they’re dead and have grind gear all over, they simple stop playing. And for new players who tried the demon thought for first few hours love the experience but then realize that when they come back on next day to only grind for same gear again Is a turn off.

I know there is private server where you keep loot on death but that in itself is a problem.
So then just kill yourself to return home? Lol.
Or just sign off to keep all your inventory on you because your getting raided is just boring for everyone else.

So keep equipped gear and hot wheel while dropping every in backpack is an amazing feature which is available…but does not work.

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