Drop in Raid Finder


I don’t know if it’s possible to have RF in the game in a way that I would like. Best thing I can come up with atm. is to put a 7day cd on each of my chars that completes a weekly rf run so that i can’t even enter the rf instance a 2nd time on whatever char that have finished it for this week, and on top of that remove the t3/4 rare tokens from rf to give people an incentive to go do T3/T4 and 3.5.

And pls. don’t worry about some people won’t be able to complete rf each week on all chars because rf activity will die out after a few days each week.
So what if someone misses a week? I have often not done rf for the week for various reasons.

ps. I still remember PVE saga from last year. Was glorious to see 6 mans and pug raids popping constantly in global, then rf was opened…All that activity died in 24 hours.


The items do worth too, still about numbers, get me a good tank, but if he does not have at the least some decent gears how can he even think about tanking? In a 6 man instance for the tank or the healer to have good gear is a must otherwise the instance will fall. In the 2008 we made it by rotating aggro and heals, something that does not happen quite often anymore. Probably because T5 and T6 items give way too many stats comparated to the other ones so there is not so much need now.

The game is now less competitive than what it used to be.

Rather than making issues about items, the T4 are quite useless if you ask me, faction items are not so bad and T3,5 in some stats are even better, my concern is about the new players, because without the new players from the end game we are going into the game over.

It was hard in the 2008 to kill a T1 vistrix, and much more competitive than most of the raids today, having 10 players on a que who barely know how to use the bane and they are in green or blue items, was not so easy. This does not mean that because it was hard for us old players it must be hard for the new players because the new players need to catch up somehow.

They find a lot of hostiles from guilds, and guilds for the most in this game always had a lot of hostility into joining new players, alone they cannot do anything, they leave. The old players leave too, so i guess that to help those new players getting into an easier environment will help the game, including the old players like us too.

The game starts to die when players do not join it anymore and those left soon or later will leave.

A new player wants to try an instance nobody is doing anymore, good that’s fun to me, sick of this monapalace chaos and that’s all the instances we do.


I actually like Barrywight’s comment. If we must keep RF lets have a cooldown like all other raids. It resets once a week.

Yes, the glory days of Saga of Zath non stop 6 mans/Raids then Funcom introduced RF to the server and it fell in the toilet.


Unfortunately the damage has been done. Even if the RF was changed to what I just suggested, too many people have taken their chars into rf for literally years, so they have their rare tokens and full t4 sets.

Best thing I can dream up that will be good fun for AOC is another saga server. but I am not sure how they can make a compelling server again since we already had a nice server last year. maybe something with a focus on 6 mans and time trial achivements? Oh, and the purist achivement.

I would like that myself but I don’t think it would be enough for a saga server.


I think instead of another saga (not that I would mind) we need shards added to all dungeons, in khitai the tier of rewards should scale with tier of the dungeon. Like Mona and Palace perhaps having a chance of drop or extremely low count, and higher tier dungeons like Jade or Kang having a lot.
IMHO that would be far better than another saga. Unless they reward us with Khitai gear cosmetics. That would be enticing XD


Set’s teeth… in the glory days of the server-realm of Set, we did not struggle on the competitive mechanics during year three of Age of Conan; for then we rose to conquer many of the tiers up to Temple of Erlik and parts of Jade Citadel.

More oftentimes strategies were still being learned for Temple of Erlik and that if people got the expansion-pack or had funds to purchase pass for the tier-raid and/or rather progress Jade Citadel before Temple of Erlik; moreover which came first was most pondered between Faction-armaments/weapons to go to Temple of Erlik and then Jade Citadel or vice-versa; even then doing the actual raids offered Relics, armor, and weapons

I myself with my two main Stygians and two soldiers did tier-1 and tier-2 sweeps weekly… not every once in a month, weekly; not guild-hosted, but straight (pickup raid group); I explained quests, mechanics and even did some roleplay in-between for backstory on enemies and I did it proudly for the glory of SET!

It takes one person for every person that would rather sit down and just queue or fork over money to pay for something that you could earn by just settling a little time to enjoy… you have to change the mindset of the population, we have to bring back pickup-raids and the revalancy to pickup-dungeons; when I am back in March I will bring back the glory of server-realm SET!


A good/smart raider does RF once a week for the shards/relics, then spends the rest of the week doing actual raids/6 mans, etc to actually learn the game and their class.

A bad/dumb player only does RF over and over again to gear their toon and never learns anything really.

  1. You can buy T3 gear in the shop.
  2. You can buy T5 gear in the shop.
  3. Gearing up in rf is so faster than learning how to play your class properly (not even talking about good).
  4. RF is the perfect example that people do NOT learn from easy peasy fights. It even gives the idiot buff for wiping…so you learn that you do not have to improve, but mindlessly just do the same over and over again, and it WILL have a different outcome eventually.

It has been said over and over and over again, and not believing it does not make it less true: It is not about the gear, it is about the skill and knowledge.
A new player in rf-earned T4 gear who is not interested in improving can not play better because of that gear.
A new player who IS interested in improving and getting better with his class / role / groupplay /raidplay WILL get better, because he will read, ask, talk, practice, just play and learn. In those hands the rf t4 gear can be an gift, because that player will be a wellcomed addition to any guild or raidforce.
The new player who does not want to improve, but who just wants to see T5 and T6 will be too bad to be taken into those raids regardless if he has T4, Khitai, T3,5 or whatever.

For a guild, or even for a handfull of people who play together it is supereasy to gear up a new player who shows the potential to be a good contributer to their group, guild or raid. Most dungeons and raids can be done with way less people than you think, and there can always be room for an interested new player to just come along and take the gear. A good player an play in T6 in under a month. GOOD. Not GREEDY.


Yeah. Why tf people even grind it? It’s damn boring. I queue up once in a while even during the week, but more for the extra silver since I did spend fk tonne on gear and AA, otherwise? Rep and dungeons (sadly I am not online during raid times) are my main thing, often spam global (probably saw me) to run them Cuz fk RF.

Then when it gets to running dungeons, I run into idiots who say they returned after long time (played in '08) and saying they just grinded RF and recently hit t4 and start bossing around and telling old confusing strats and fking up the whole runs then blaming the leader for not explaining properly. No xp yet they talk trash like they know all. It’s like ppl’s brains rot away in RF.


Ptah much? Or is it Satetka this time? or both?


You say there is not enough players, yet raid finder pops constantly :thinking:
So why are those 24 people who go to RF, not able to make proper raid?

““What is annoying are these selfproclamed “vets” who have been doing the same instance for years, they start a pug and they quit as soon someone makes a mistake.””

What is this trend to bash older players in this game? News flash for you, it is not “our” job to teach you anything, it is not our job to carry you through content just because you feel like it. There is enough guides, videos for you to take notes from and get your groups together. And please, no “selfclaimed pro vet” gonna kick you from group if you make few mistakes, you get kicked when you are completely useless even after getting things explained to you very very slowly, time to look in mirror and see why no groups :stuck_out_tongue:

And if anything, t4 relics should be completely removed from raid finder, alongside with dragon tears.
There is no reason to award “best gear in game” from being afk.


See, you are the typical example.

Let’s leave alone the fact you didn’t get anything of what i have said, i was talking about “new players” and i said there are not enough “new players” for them to start or to make regular raids, yes i say there are selfproclamed “vets”, maybe like you, who thinks they know everything and everybody else is a noob.

If you are a player like that, do not make pugs, just play with your teammates.

If a player is “useless”, is it up to you to decide it now? Mr.YouKnowItAll?

Did you start this game you knew already ALL of the instances of were you just a poor noob with no clue of what to do like the most of the players? Who was there teaching you Mr.“pro”, those “pro”, like if they make a life from playing aoc. We are talking about a game, there is nothing pro to do in a game.

To quote your last lines, i think players like you should be removed from game to leave the space for new players to repopulate this game because it is players like you who are pushing the new players to quit as soon they join with their bad in game attitude toward new players.

There is a difference between a “new player” and a “lazy player”.

Just like there is a difference between a “good player” and a noob who just learnt a couple of instance and now he is talking down to other players.

Btw you can complain as much you want, the RF is NOT going to be removed, like it or not.

Oh, and once again for those who say RF is for noobs because it gives FREE items and you can get T4, i mean T4 figures, in a couple of days, these are the numbers so stop whining like a girl in her red days.

Weapons: 4xtears, 480xrelics up to 2x extra tears and 240x extra relics
Accessories: 4xtears, 480xrelics
Golds: 96 golds
This without counting rings and necklace, otherwise it is another 3xtears, 220xrelics and 30golds.
The total is
8xtears(eventually 11x) 960xrelics(eventually 1.180xrelics, 96golds(eventually 126golds)

And once again, the 90% of the players joining the RF are old players from ALL the guilds, so we are not talking about real new players, so quit your dose of hypocrisy too. i bet the guy above he does RF too lmao.

Regards dude.


Its not true that theres not enough new players to start a real raid, im hosting weekly t3.5 and t4 raids on saturdays and i get mass-atttacks of x, i could prolly start 3 raids at once some weekends if u gave me 30 minutes to fill them. Most of them say they only got RF experience from T4.

The new players that understands that they need to put some effort in order to get somewhere in the game are usually joining guilds that do higher content and kinda assimilating to that playstyle. What we have left then, is this pool of players that are used to getting things on a silver platter, that will never even think about “maybe i should start my own groups and learn from scratch”, they are in a passive vacuum, and some of them are blaming the vets for not including them.


@ISawTheDevil man I aint gonna even bother reading that after the first few pharses, I do not claim to know it all, but I sure as hell know more than 99% of players in this game. Also I host pugs pretty much every day, and those people who are “new” and unfamiliar with tactics, have every single one of them, added me to friend list so they can join my group again. So don’t come and try tell me that “vets” don’t help people who are not experienced, and yes in fact it is for me to decide who is useless or not.

And here we go with the argument “u were not pro when u started” True I was not,
and well in pvp I was pretty darn good since day one. It took me 1-2 tries in any dungeon / boss to get hang of it. why? because this game is easy, especially now with all the things just handed out to you.

Truth is, you are incapable of starting anything of your own, and making up excuses for players not being able to do stuff. There is enough players to do anything you want, that is crappy excuse for your (and new/lazy players) incapability


Well, when i say there are not enough players i do compare to the “old days”. I remember i did not have the time to finish a pug that another one was already starting. Sometimes i see players starting T1 or T2 raids, but as you might know too, those raids go nowhere. So it is not the “new players” who have to imitate the old players, because the game is not going to get back the same amount of players and competitivity it used to have, the “new players” must be “integrated” into the game, they are spoilt, maybe, but that’s what the game has to offer now :slight_smile:. Want to know what is the alternative into not recruiting new players? Ask the “mighty” futilez they were “precious” too.

The game has changed too, before we had the pugs now we have the RF, so crying about the old days doesn’t help. I do not think FC spent time and money to create a RF system just to remove it because some players do not like the RF, yet it is the most played feature this game has atm so i guess overall most of the players do prefer the RF over the pugs. Also the “new players” might not have a clue about these pugs because as “new players” they see the RF and they do not know what this game was like.


I don’t know about you but, If I am semi new to a game, I tend to explore and see places where I can go, the map and quests show you that, oh I got a quest to kill “x” boss, I could look into that :stuck_out_tongue:


I said “selfproclamed vet”, so i’m talking about players who got items and know the instance just because they have been playing this game longer than other players, but at the end of the day they still get wiped at monapalace and the complaining about those “RF noobs” starts.

Truth is the game has changed, so moaning over the RF does not help, this is how the game works now, so the new players have no clue what are you talking about with those “start your own pugs” because they know this game for the way it is now.


To Devil i can’t stand your whining and imaginary numbers.

3 tears 180 token for big parts
5 small parts go for 200
Max 240 tokens and 2 tears for a weapon set and you are ready to go.
Cloak comes from wb without effort
Necklace can be easily grinded in the pit
Rings come from rf

If you run T3.5 and T4 on a weekly base and add all the loot from rf, you are ready to go T5+ in no time. Still you have plenty of options to get khitai or other 6 man pieces or craftitems.

75 silver each pvp ring and necklace and you have lots of survivability

You or your so called “new players” who stop playing because noone spoils them are just lazy. Everyone else finds his way without increased T4 drops in rf.

They should increase shard drops or add them to real content. So vets do not have to cry over rf so long


What did i say, you are just missing that many classes like DT or conq, need to change weapons often, and that cloak requires one year to get. We are talking about the full T4 set from the RF but still i did put the cost with and without necklace and rings, so what i have said is correct.

Weapons: 4xtears, 480xrelics up to 2x extra tears and 240x extra relics.
Accessories: 4xtears, 480xrelics.
Golds: 96 golds.
This without counting rings and necklace, otherwise it is another 3xtears, 220xrelics and 30golds.
The total is
8xtears(eventually 11x) 960xrelics(eventually 1.180xrelics, 96golds(eventually 126golds)

Where does it says new players are lazy, they just don’t know the game, if you don’t teach them or at the least give a link it is your fault if they fail, anyway i’ll get them all don’t worry. When you will be left alone feel free to quit the game because nobody to play with anymore.


In T4 a DT has max 3 weapons for 1+120 each. No dmg class needs to swap. Guard doesn’t have to. Even healers are fine with any T4 set. So only the conq is left and even them are fine with the 2he to start raiding t5 and above. Also i included the pvp accessories and dungeons where you don’t need any T4 at all. You can do them in green and blue gear. Also the trader offers a lot of starting gear.

It’s not on me or any vet to teach them. It is on them! You sound like one of those millennial snowflakes which need everything handed to them without even thinking once on their own.

At least i rather don’t play this game anymore than to be surrounded only by such players.