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Do we want to talk about conq who prefer the rogue weapons? Or the combination btw the pieces that fit better this boss and the other boss?

That’s the normal cost for a full T4 kit.

The truth, is that players who have items do not want to see other players with same or better items. It is about being greedy. I see the RF like a nice place to train and to have fun because it is the only decent social event this game has now.

The IF are useless, those are the number and there is nothing to say about it anymore.


“Where does it says new players are lazy, they just don’t know the game, if you don’t teach them or at the least give a link it is your fault if they fail, anyway i’ll get them all don’t worry. When you will be left alone feel free to quit the game because nobody to play with anymore.”

How come is it “our” fault if they fail? It is not veteran peoples job to babysit “new” players, I do not play this game to feed lazy fu**'s with golden spoon

I would imagine them being able to type in global “how to do x thing” or to find these forums and ask their questions. If they fail, it is their own fault, no one else. You cannot blame others from your failures.


Many games there is no strategy at all to kill a boss, or better there is another strategy, how can a new player ask something he does know about.

I go to chaos i warn that i’m a new player and i get one hit. How was i supposed to ask for something i didn’t know about? It it the player who has to warn about the one shooting coming.

And about these RL, you are lazy, pretending everybody in nice items and all. Old RF were fine with players in just T1 or blue items and the game was much harder.

Also RL, all you have to do is just to put the bot that talks by itself and warns when the boss is going to attack or when the boss is going to one shoot and in how many seconds. Not that there is so much need of a RL too beside from making the raid.

The role of a RL has changed too now, if you ask me, this game compared to the 2008, is a weak noob game where players have it all on a “silver plate”. We did not even the PtW back in those days.

No more competitive, that is. But you blame the new player, do not join them then. There are guild who do join them and they will have a place, you stay alone then.

Dude, the game has changed and crying does not help. Accept the way it is now.

Meanwhile i got myself in chaos a new MT nobody wanted to group with, i told him what to do and what not to do and now i can count on him when i need one.

You live your world where all the new players are lazy, who cares when it is not real. Some are, kick the lazy player, not the new player.

Without them this game is definitely over.

And if you do not mind, I would like to play with new players before these selfproclamed whatever will start to threat them bad and will push them to leave already.


That’s not normal or necessary. Else a dt would need up to 5 sets. That’s just nonsense numbers noone cares about and people who go for those extra bits don’t do it via rf only.

You are twisting and turning everything just to fit for you. Further discussion unnecessary cause you have no valid points, just accusations. You blame everyone except the “new” players.

Have fun in your bubble


By asking: “What do I need to do / look out for?”
It’s as simple as that. I have never seen anyone kick a player from a chaos group because he / she didn’t know what to do at the first boss - you just need to run behind a pillar - this is easier than the level 30 destiny quest.
But if people fail this simple task all the time even after explaining and showing it several times because they simply don’t care and want to get carried of course they are getting kicked.

Also, it’s not the others that have to warn you about the hazards in dungeons UNLESS they exlplicitly said that they would explain everything in detail - if this was not the case YOU should have prepared by reading or asking about potential hazards during this encounter.


Im pretty sure i saw a few people asking about things, waiting 30+ mins for help until i had to give it myself. Your point is moot


You probably run with friends. I have been in a few groups where the one who lied about xp kept dying, those people were kicked from psrty since they had no xp. So to be fair, you just might be lucky with your group in chaos.


2 seconds with Google and you got any answer needed


That’s me telling you to avoid using the “IF” otherwise the cost can go up even more. To gather a full T4 kit by RF an EU players needs from about 6 months up to one year, for an USA player is basically impossible because there are no RF going on at that time. The RF drops only T3/T4 items, how comes i do not see T5/T6 pugs? Is it because the RF is dropping those items too?


Fun fact, majority of these people who are farming their t4 from rf, they will never even need the gear :slight_smile: most of those people would be capable of doing any raid / dungeon at their level by just wearing lower tier gear, they wont be joining t5-6 anyways by being raid finder players.

@ISawTheDevil you would see t5-6 pugs if you would take the bull by horns and start one yourself for the little people that you try speak so highly of


It’s because the rf farming crowd finds them too difficult and expects to be carried into them rather than putting in the effort to form one or join an organised community that runs them weekly OR even create such a community .Of course it’s the veteran’s(those self important idiots ,omg !) fault for not making carrying ,errr ,learning runs on global,we know !


Dude, starting a pug is something you do for fun, if it creates you so much problems do not do it. See you at RF, how many relics did you get today lol :slight_smile:


T5 and T6 Pubs won’t happen because it’s enough to wipe the whole raid with just a few people not doing their job. So you end up wiping for ours even in some organized raids because of some people not paying attention and doing their job although they go there every week.

Also there are enough organized raids which get filled via fl. People who want to do the content can easily participate. I’m in 3 different organized T6 raids, which clear T6 on a weekly basis. Most of the time they aren’t fully booked but filled by vets who actually just do it for “fun”.


Then why do not you explain them their job? It requires a lot of patience from everybody. If you see this player really cannot make it and wipes the raid all the times, leave him dead, do not insult him, and continue with the raid. Once you have killed the boss res him because he was still in the raid. The next time he will be doing better. I do not see any problem.

Keep in mind that when you make a pug, you are gaining access to the community, and you have to respect the community, you are part of it but you are not the community, so always be polite.


What do I do with relics when my bs went from blue gear to full t6 in 2-3 weeks
no rf rings thou, just t1 quest rings :wink:

Who are you to tell me what I need to respect and how to behave?
I have probably helped more people than you have in my time in this game, I just don’t carry them for free, do ur job or gtfo


Leecher BS :slight_smile:

In the community you do behave. Period.


a couple of days ago a girl my friend, passionate of progression has organized a T1 sweep with her umpteenth alt for quests and gear that I joined because honestly they are fun and I love to help and I estimate the players who want learn the game with a normal progress.
There was a guy who insistently (bothered by the fact that these runs T1 subtracting numbers from his RF who did not start) asked what meaning a T1 has.
I told him that it has many. They are fun, you learn the basics for your class, you earn gear (if needed), vanity, and relics for pets.
He replied to me that he laughs at all these motivations and that people love to waste their time.
I asked him what is this productive activity that he is doing and he has answered RF, RF, RF.
What will you do when you are FULL T4?
I will probably leave the game, if I am not bored yet maybe I will create a alt.
So I ask, really need to speed up the completion of the RF player gear?
Above all, because it is possible to integrate it with the real T4 to increase the speed considerably
I do not even worry about these “new players” anymore. AoC now has two player bases.
AoC players and RF players.
The two worlds honestly rarely mix, the RF players are people who do not play AoC, do not live AoC, they do not participate in any activity, they avoid like the plague HM, UC, T1-2-3-4 because too difficult, they they are not able to do them and they grant gear less than or equal to the one that they already get from the RF.
Obviously they do not even think about the T5 and the T6, unattainable for them who have no sense of community, aversion to rules, discipline, vocal, sense of team and everything that makes a MMORPG fun.
So I’m not interested in more than possible new players if they are no longer a resource for the game, if they are not people that I can meet during my games, during my runs, with which to socialize and have fun.
As far as I’m concerned, I do not see any difference between an RFplayer and one watching AOC on YouTube.


no, because he did his job in the raid, so even with crappy gear that’s hundreds times more valuable than "


No because when it comes to your alts you leech from your guild for the T5 or T6, when it comes to pugs you need other players and you want them in good items but they cannot like the RF. Anything else in your menu? I too saw a necro kiting chaos at level 70, nobody told her anything, she was good at it. So what is your point? That you are a kid and you want the things to work your way? They wont. Most of the community like the RF, you like it too, and it is going to remain.


Do not lie to me, with crappy gears you do not have the stats to heal enough therefor the other healers did the job for him. With 2 healers without good stats a tank can barely make it at chaos figures there.