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The eternal question: gear or no gear?

Skill is more important, like Delred and Cappa put it. I’ve done more dps on my fresh barb with T1-T4 gear, including a blue small piece, than some barbs with better gear and the T5 rune. The same can be said about a bs or any other class. Gear helps, but knowing the class is essential.


Gears become a must when the tank need a certain amount of heals other gear cannot give. Anyway i have had enough, getting T4 in RF is not fast as numbers prove, and due to the fact the RF is the most popular feature this game has it is probably going to remain. Regards.


Decent players know how to maximize every utility a class has, so yes a low geared bear can still heal well. Just stacking heal rating wont do anything if the person doesnt use all the skills to actually help. If all you ever do is RF, that is all you think there is to the game and you dont bother learning about specific mechanics and how to avoid/help the group during those events.


U just gotta learn to play, very simple.
Fun fact, I were on t5 raid with other bs who had full t4 set, while my bs had… well s*itty gear, out dps:ed / healed him in every boss. gear means nothing if you do not know how to use it


Devil how come T6 has been cleared on saga without high-end gear?

Chaos can be solo healed if you got a skilled tank and healer.

As all the stuff you make up here, maybe you should participate in T5 and T6 first before you talk. Start your pug and teach your rf buddies. You have absolutely no clue about AoC.

All the vets writing here have done a lot for AoC and the community. But most of the new players don’t even try to be part of the community.

Maybe you should start your own guild for newbies and teach them everything from scratch.


I read and reread always the same excuses from who does not really know the game.
First point: the gear is relatively important (with the exception of the tank that is the most gear dependent because it must absorb the damage, however, an expert tank dressed in blue is still able to remove the aggro to an inexperienced full T4)
Second point: how long is the gear important and not overvalued? I see that gear is the most used excuse not to do events. You do not have to be full T4, full T5 or full T6 to make a T4 run.
When the Khitai came out, 90% of the people here, including myself, faced the T4 geared full Khitai HM, nothing more then this and T4 is more then enough for face one T6, we not got in claim our T6, we were T4 geared (cuz T5 with few exceptions if often worst then T4)
Third point: the game has become a joke to the point that could give the T4 in claim, now dogs and pigs, social, RP and random people is dressed full T4, ANYONE is in a position to face T5 and T6 (which was then the intention of the funcom with RF). Where are all these T5 and T6? I do not see them, I do not see an increase in people and guilds facing the end-game, if I ever see a total decrease of any activity that is not RF!


How do you think T1, T2 and T3 was cleared for years before Khitai was released (and AA’s introduced)? With regular heals that do not make use of Heal Rating (because it did not exist back then). Heal Rating is definitely necessary for T5, T6 and the very few hard dungeons, but, other than that, you can heal just fine with a new healer.


Hehe… that’s funny.
I wonder how people started doing chaos runs just one or two weeks after the first saga server went live.
All we had was T1 gear, some epic khitai armor pieces and the main AA abilities and we still managed to farm this dungeon so often that we had rings and even the blessings after just a few days of farming.

And you know how much RF we farmed? None, not a single time, why you may ask? Because RF wasn’t even active.
So yeah, one of the hardest dungeons in the game was on a farming-level after just 2 weeks with completely fresh characters.
You don’t need T4 gear to be competitive, you need knowledge and skill with you class. In Chaos, knowing where to stand as a tank, where to place your heals (as a ToS for example) or where to place the puddles is pretty much EVERYTHING, T1 and khitai epic gear was enough to achieve this. There are also some smaller tricks that may make a run go easier but they are easily learned when doing this dungeon a few times.

Until the end of the saga server my ToS had khitai epic gear, I didn’t even need on T4 gear since I already have a well geared ToS (I didn’t want to “steal” gear from people who still need these items on their new characters). Dungeons were no problem either, I even solo healed in Chaos from time to time because we couldn’t find another healer. No problems whatsoever and all that in “low-tier gear”.


I remember clearing T6 after a few weeks of the Saga of Zath server, with the raid in a mish mash mix of T1/2/3/4/Khitai gear with AA trees nowhere near being full. Being organized and experienced helps quite a lot, the gear makes it easier.


Ok then go make your T6 in blu gears and stop asking players for aa gears. Everybody has managed to kill an instance or a raid in bad gears, that’s was a common day when this game was released. So what is your point.


If you cant understand what he means by now, you are either a troll or lacking the capacity to ever understand :wink:


The point is that this conversation has sidetracked a lot from the original post and you are letting your mouth run on points that you have very limited or close to no experience,i.e ,whats possible with certain gear setups or what is possible in general.

RF in it’s current form has made 90% of the content obsolete and obviously it’s here to stay as funcom has no plans to spend any real effort and resources in the game to add new content .That being said it is a cancer to the game and removing it would be for the best but since that isn’t happening increasing the rewards further as OP requested is a terrible idea .

There was a lot of discussion about it in the old forums before it’s release and unfortunately all the doomsayers as the entitled snowflake players called them back then have been proven right .Enjoy !


Maybe someone here is missing the point that most of the players today do not care or do not want to get stressed over a virtual items, so that’s why your pugs fails and mmorpgs overall are losing players?


So we should remove every type of challange to not “stress out” people over virtual items?
Sorry but if you get stressed out over getting or not getting items then it’s not a gameplay design fault but more of a mental issue that you yourself create.
A game is primarily made to be fun, fun is very subjective but overall there is a consensus that games which create no kind of challange for the player are the ones that are less fun. Having a challange does not always equal “stress”, playing in a very close sports match can be stressful but in a good way, having a challanging encounter in a game that requires you to focus a lot can be stressful too but compared to the pressure that is created when being late while being stuck in traffic are two completely different things.
I know, lots of people nowdays are not used to this because games became extremely easy and simple over the last few years but comparing these games with the old, more challanging ones I always hear myself thinking or saying “Old games are somehow more fun most of the times…”

The same can be applied to Age of Conan: take the old Zodiac fight in T4 and compare it to the new, nerfed version. The old one was a far bigger challange in most aspects and exactly that made it fun, now in the new version you can go AFK between the phases, in one PUG raid the raidleader even said that we could take a break sonce he was answering a phone call.

Right now I am playing through the Fallout games starting from the very first one and god d*mn, the first ones are a hell of a challange, even though I played them several times I still discover new things, learn new tricks and have problems taking on certain enemies while in the new games, especially Fallout 4 (though I still love it) the overall challange got reduced drastically just to make players feel great about themselves - just as an example: Getting a power armor (probably the best armor sets in the whole game series) in Fallout 1 and 2 takes you several hours (if not days) of game time and good decisions while in Fallout 4 you simply walk along a street and get a full set of power armor for free, just like that, nothing required.


players today do not care or do not want to get stressed over a virtual items?
so why do they ask for more?
If for you guys play the game is a stress maybe you are doing wrong hobby, try with fish, or cinema or play a mobile game with auto-combat, auto-quest, auto-loot … or maybe just look at AoC on youtube, you dont need to click keyboards or move mouse, no stress at all!


Yes dude that’s correct, today players do not want to get stressed over virtual items anymore. If you look at the numbers the mmorpgs released by the year 2020 is much lesser than the year 2010. Probably the idea of mmorpgs and spending a good part of your life after virtual items is not a good idea for most of the people out there. So what’s your problem with the RF?


if the numbers are going down it’s not because of that but because after 20 years no MMORPG offers anything innovative.
However there are people here who love the genre and it is not fair that people who DO NOT LOVE the kind come on such a platform to impose their style single player.
No one has forced them to come here, there are many valid single player games, AoC was fine as it was, indeed, with less RF and less SP!


If they do not want to get stressed out over virtual items - why do they want T4? Just don’t stress yourself :wink:

Also, no one here exept you thinks getting T4 exclusivly via rf is slow, so get over it.You had me with bs needing heal rating to be able to properly heal. This is what rf teaches you - nothing.


But instead people play moba games like smite, hots or league of legends… and that is somehow less stressful? when the games are full of toxicity and gotta play perfectly every game.

I do not see how aoc is stressful in any way, if people would stop being so god dam*n weak and soft.
Could you please enlighten me, what is exactly stressing you in aoc? are you stressed because you might get 15 silver instead of your t4 tokens from rf box? what do you even do with the gear once u aquire it? because clearly you are not using it in any content that “requires” you to have it :thinking:
If this is the case, I would seek help from family and doctor immediately

Just to edit because apparently crap bs cannot dish out heal

crappy bs vs t4 full :stuck_out_tongue:


@Delred got the point. I have asked for it often and I can never get an answer. Why you need T4 gear? For do what?