Drop in Raid Finder


Feel pretty?
“Beat” the game?


So if people don’t want it, they don’t have to play it.

What is your point?

Exactly, there is none


Games are all but innovative. The RF just like the world boss, especially the world boss, is a social event. Players are more interest into these social events rather than your pugs. Saga was a social event too if you fail into getting it.

A social event must be quick and easy, that’s why they just join the RF and not the pug anymore. The game, as i have said, has changed, and you are behind with your pugs still.


you evaded my question. Why you need T4 gear in your social event? For do what?
Also RP in SHI is social but you dont need nothing more then boobs out and one harlot dress


Just go out and don’t play this game if you want to socialize.
Or play second life or some socializing games.
RF and WB aren’t social event. They are loot pinatas.


only me perceive the contradiction of SOCIAL event but single player? Guilds are evil, vocal is the devil, know each other and collaborate, may belzebù take your soul and yet they only social and seek social events


It is not me saying i need T4 items, it is you saying T4 items should not be given in RF, read better. @Frenjoerd, I would like to remind you this is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, if you do not like the social side of the game maybe you are in the wrong game. Regards.


I think that @Frenjoerd, an active part of a guild and a comunity, knows well the social side of a MMORPG.
You instead? Is the word social clear? What’s social in a single player event where nobody talks, nobody reads the chat, nobody uses vocal, just every person is going to do his stuff by clicking random keys?


I think I participate in more social events than you do. The social sides are not RF or WB. The social side is group content, guilds and actually doing stuff together via voice.

I even fly a few hundred miles a year to our guild party, although most of them already left the game.

Kiddo you have absolutely no clue about AoC or social events. You may pay more attention in school and learn how to properly read.

You avoid everything and then try to twist something your way.

Thanks zuji


Wanna bet i have a toon in your guilds too?


Old stuffs i did even before you started to use a computer, and i wasn’t even the first one.

You are really a coherent person.


Please enlighten us: What about WB and RF is “social”? What makes them social events?

And do you want us vets to host pugs, or not? I think you are confused.


Players do like to play with other players, often the ones they do not know. They want to chat and laugh, not to listen a moody frustrated RL who can be replaced by a bot. Regards.


You should try to read and understand texts and context.

If your prime focus is on socializing, there are far better ways than AoC as it does not even have voice chat.

Also you talk all day about evil vets guilds and elitists and don’t want people to group in raids or 6mans, because they should get everything in rf for no effort or those evil vets have at least carry them through content for free loot. So you have no interest in the real social sides of AoC. And you definitely have no toon in my guild.

Trying to twist my words by tearing them out of context won’t help you either.


I did not twist your words,
I said i like the social side of the game.
You said then go out.
Then you got your answer.


You don’t need RF or WB for social content. There are plenty NPC’s all around Hyboria and you can talk to them as long as you want. They don’t say much, but they can talk for hours.


You said you like RF and WB as social events. I told you they are not because there is nothing social about it. You still haven’t answered any of the questions.

Not sure if troll or just stupid

P.S. -> edit
Ok now I’m sure you are not trolling. I’m out.


That’s your opinion, facts is everybody joins those events.


I beg your pardon I misunderstood.
I did not understand that you were talking about RF in another game, because in AoC the RFs are a bunch of toxic sewage, made up of noobs that say bad words, they do not know what to do, they blame each other when they do not they are engaged in random kick or trying not to be discovered to be afk!


Im sure people would flood the streets if money was thrown from the sky, doesnt make it a social event.