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More fun than “MrIKnowItAll” calling everybody “RF noobs”, so still i prefer that.


here is the point @Moriala according to you, if they put a chest loot to break, in the middle of Khemi, with the 1% chance to give 1 relic V or VI, what would be the most visited content of the game? Raid, RF, WB or StupiChest in Khemi? Because he pretend to not understand!


The fact the game is online makes it a social game.
The fact you are in this game makes you part of the community.
If you want your little guild not to mix with the rest, you can do it, but leave alone the RF when they want to have their own fun. How many from your guild were there today by the way. I see many usually.


I think you have forgotten about the topic of the thread, Im not agreeing with increasing the gains of raidfinder, im not fighting the existence of raidfinder.


Yes but due to the mess of comments and i do not have a secretary, some misquote might happen. I saw you editing your middle part :slight_smile: You did it again :slight_smile:

So if you do not edit again, you do not agree with increasing the relics that drops, that’s fine for an EU players, but what about usa player? Think there is just us in this game now? Regards.


but why? In the USA time the Raid T4 close and the boss go to sleep that you need more relic IV in RF?


Edited spelling error, not sure why you need to comment on that. Its already been stated in the thread that there is real t4/t3.5 going on in us primetime, so no, there is no need to increase the relic gains for muricans.


Do not lie you delete a line :slight_smile:

Anyway, if this guy is from usa he does actually have a valid point, because at that time there are barely 4 or 5 RF to play. Do you know why so few usa players? They log, nobody chats, no RF, they get bored and they leave. Do you get now why it is important the social side of the game? When i say social side i mean to play with other players without too much stress, not that i want to meet them in life. Games, have to relax the player, and not to stress him even more.



You are just a spinning record at this point, keep that opinion of yours, thats fine. If you ever want to be taught chaos, contact me ingame


I have been running many instances myself also thanks to your post, many from your guild constantly join them. Regards.


this because in your eyes AoC = RF, if they are organized to do some HM (it is easy to find 6 people) would not be bored to be silent waiting for an RF that does not start and then quit, there are dozens of fun dungeons.
If the situation is so disastrous that there are less than six people, why the hell are the servers in the US, bring them to us that at least we enjoy them with a low ping


I’m quite convinced this can go on forever, I’m deciding to close the topic for now.

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