Drop on death settings

Couple of things here. So just recently started running a server and have noticed a few things acting weirdly or just not present period. Could be gportal side as well, but i digress. In terms of specific raid times and settings, i feel there should be an option to link the inventory drop on death to your relevant raid times to stop the headache of having to reset the server every time. Something else I’ve noticed is that some settings are still getting reset to default on server restarts, most notably stamina settings and some multipliers, which if i recall correctly, was supposed to have been fixed in the 2.3 release. As a side note, I feel that console needs the ability for admins to send server wide messages at any point, not just on a player joining the server.

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PC? if so, check out the Pippi mod for server management. many if not all of what you’ve requested can be managed via the added features.

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Xbox of course doesnt have any of that.

IC. Sorry about that suggestion then.

if i may be so bold, I suggest adding the xbox tag to your posts going forward so that you might get fewer pc folks offering mods as a solution to a given issue.

Meanwhile, as I understand it from running my own G-portal server, there are settings in the g-portal interface as well as in-game. if you change things from the in-game admin controls, when the server restarts, it returns to the default established in g-portal server settings.

Tweaking your settings within g-portal may help alleviate the frustration of constantly resetting things to your preference.

Does the console version have a global chat or has chat been disabled on your server? Global chat may be a means for admins to broadcast… globally… to the server. I don’t use chat on my small server, soo i can’t comment on the utility.

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No text chat or global voice, just proximity. And yeah the gportal settings are the only things I change at all because of these issues ive read about, yet i still have problems.

And xbox tag added