Dropping loot through walls


I locked a raider in my building yesterday and left him there to rot while I wandered off playing in wasteland, when I returned the body was there naked and no loot on him. There was no armour nothing. We are in a PVP official server where loot is dropped on death. How would it be possible to get the loot outside?

This is a known issue and a patch for it has been implemented in Testlive.

It is possible your raider dropped his loot across the wall and had a buddy pick it up.

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First of all, loot bag decay timer is not that big (around 10-15 min).
Second, he could have easily dropped his loot behind some objects where you cant see the loot bag. If he had few items on him, loot bag is very small and could be tucked behind tannery of furnace, where you could have missed it.

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