Drums/Drill in Menu

Can we please, please, please get an option to turn off any sound effect comming from menus?
The drums when hovering over items, tabs or anything in menu/inventory/etc. are super annoying and cause humongous headaches. Same goes for that drill or whatever annoying sound it is, when you change tab at options or inventory, in my first go of Conan those sound were reason I stopped playing your game and wanted to refund it luckely(sadly) I was over 2 hours at that time.
In all honesty I can’t even descripe how I hate whoever desing that sound thing.

Thank you.

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What platform do you play on? Because I don’t get any of the sounds you’re mentioning on PS4.

Agree 100%, the drum sound on the menus doesn’t convey any information (useful or otherwise), and does nothing but grate on the nerves. I have to keep my sound levels set far below what I’d actually prefer simply because the drumbeat on menu mouse-overs is so punishing to my eardrums. :grimacing:


It’s probably pc only, not sure what is reason behind it.

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