Drunken Debauchery's Realm of Bad Decisions

Drunken Debauchery’s Realm of Bad Decisions
IP Address:

We are a server that promotes RP (in local and whispers), but welcome anyone wanting to enjoy the game. With a selection of mods intended to improve the experience, active administrators, and weekly events that allow you to get a full experience out of the game, we’re open to suggestions and our team evaluates mod requests from our server patrons.

· x2.5 XP
· x3 Harvesting
· Paragon Leveling (300)
· Shorter Night Cycles
· Increased durability
· & Much more…

Join us on Discord or the just hop in game for more information! We look forward to seeing you! Due to forum rules I can’t post a link to our server, but feel free to PM me for an invite or just jump in game.

Hello me and my brother are interested in the server but although I have placed the correct mod order it is saying I am not in the correct mod order list, do you know why this is happening?

This typically happens when a mod or Funcom has released a patch during the day and we haven’t restarted the server yet. We try to be quick on it, but sometimes it’s an hour or so before we catch the change.